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101 Unbelievable Facebook Stats You need to know

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One of the most challenging aspects of marketing online is finding stats to help you understand what direction you need to go in regard to meet your readers where they are. That’s what I found when I wrote some of my articles for Successful Affiliate Marketing.

I would see that others would quote information they found and realized it really made them sound like they knew what they were talking about. I didn’t know where all this information was and didn’t have the time to look it all up to be as thorough as I wanted to.

Well, I’m going to share with you those stats in one place where you can go to and find the pieces you need to define your customer and deliver the content they want. Read below to find out what the pros are using for info in their sites and you can also be that professional website where others refer to.

Quick Shot View

In a month the average user will:

  • Like 10 posts
  • Make 4 comments
  • click 8 ads

Honestly, this stat was rather shocking to me. Maybe, it’s because I do this in a day, except for clicking the ads, of course. I would have thought this would be much higher. In fact, I changed it to daily thinking I copied it down wrong but when I went back to look at it the period of a month was accurate according to the reference I found it on.

Every 20 minutes:

  • 1 million links are shared
  • 20 million friend requests are sent
  • 3 million messages are sent

Gender of Users

  • Women – 53%
  • Men – 47%

Here’s an interesting twist to this statistic. There are more women using Facebook but more men buy things online than women. In fact, I found a statistic that said that men spend up to 28% more online than women do. So much for the stereotypes of women sitting at home and buying things.

Income of Users

  • 72% of Users have income of $75k+

This aligns with the statistic I found that said that more lower income teens work on Facebook and their wealthier counterparts used YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

Ages of Users

  • Under 25 – 35%
  • Users over 65 has doubled to 41%

Number of Active Users

  • Monthly active users (MAU) – 2.32 billion (12/31/18)
  • MAU 2.27 billion (3rd quarter 2018)
  • Daily active users increase ~9% yearly
  • MAU – 64% used messenger
  • Mobile only monthly active users 1.15 billion (4thQ 2016)
  • Active users (4/2019) – 2.47 billion

Facebook Users

  • People using Facebook feed to find interesting content – 76%
  • Use Facebook for professional purposes – 74%
  • Adults using Facebook – 76%
  • Online users using Facebook – 76%
  • Americans thinking the news they get from Facebook is fake – 57%
  • More lower income teens use Facebook (wealthier use: YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat)
  • 1.52 billion log into Facebook daily
  • Use Facebook daily – 66% of users

Facebook General Usage

  • 1.1 billion users speak english
  • Facebook users who log in daily – 66%
  • Americans spend 58 minutes on Facebook daily
  • Each visit lasts around 10-12 minutes
  • Americans getting their news from Facebook – 43%
  • Content consumption increased 57% in the last 2 years
  • Status updates with images get 2.3x more engagement

Here’s another way to look at this. Almost 20% of the world logs into Facebook on a daily basis. 20% spend an hour on Facebook every day looking for news that some of them think is fake anyway. I personally find it mind-numbing.

Facebook Video Usage

  • Square videos are more effective than horizontal ones
  • 20% of people will read text, 80% will watch a video
  • People watching more than an hour of video on Facebook/YouTube per week – 45%
  • Facebook anticipated video usage – 39%
  • Millenials watch video on social media sites daily – 75%
  • People can recall 65% of what they say in visual content almost 3 days later
  • People gaze at video 5x more than static posts
  • People using Facebook stories – 150 million
  • 20% of videos are live broadcasts
  • 85% of Facebook users watch videos with sound off

This last stat made me laugh. Why? Because I do that. Only if it piques my interest do I turn on the sound. If it doesn’t, I scroll down to find something that does.

Facebook Messaging Usage

  • 105 million people use messenger monthly

Purchasing Habits

  • Consumers who say that a Facebook video has influenced their purchasing decision in the last month – 74%
  • Online shoppers willing to make a purchase on Social Media – 30%
  • Visual content is the single most important piece of content in social media
  • Buyers needing to view at least 4 to 5 pieces of content before speaking with sales rep – 47%
  • 64% of people more likely to buy after watching a video

One stat that stood out for me in the list above was the one where it talks about visual content being the most important piece of content in social media. One of the most asked for aspects that are requested among potential customers is to have more visuals that show the product. And, they want the visuals to be in color.

Facebook Users by Country

  • India – 300 million
  • United States – 210 million
  • Brazil – 130 million
  • Indonesia – 130 million
  • Mexico – 86 million
  • Philipines – 75 million
  • Vietnam – 61 million
  • Thailand – 50 million
  • Turkey – 43 million
  • United Kingdom – 40 million

The fact that India has surpassed the United States in Facebook users is interesting. Here are some interesting side facts to throw into the information that makes up this stat. Only 19% use the platform in India while in the United States it is like 73%. This increase could continue when you consider that as of 2017 India’s active users increased 27% while in the United States it only increased 12% for the same six-month period.

Mobile Habits

  • Mobile ad revenue increased 50%
  • Mobile users say video is the best way to discover new products – 30%
  • Leading activity is checking news feed
  • Checking news feed multiple times a day – 43%

This makes me think of my days, long ago, at Walmart when myself and the other department managers would have to go to other stores and scan items so we could price comp them. Now, one statistic I found said that 82% of people will research what they are about to buy in a store. That’s why no one does price comping anymore.

Internet and Facebook

  • Internet Users (4/2019) – 4.2 billion
  • Amount of trust internet users have in social media info – 5%

Here is another stat that actually surprised me because of some other information I read. Above it says the amount of trust was around 5% and yet one piece of info said that social media influences the shopping activities of online shoppers.

Engagement and Reach

  • Average engagement rate per post – 3.91%
  • Average organic reach per post – 6.4% of likes
  • Average engagement rate is 6.01%
  • Rate for photo posts 4.81%
  • Rate for link posts – 3.36%
  • Status posts – 2.21%

Above it lists engagement of status posts at 2.21% engagement, but if you look in the general usages section you will see that if you include images in your status update, you will get 2.3x the engagement. If we want to increase things like engagement we need to include multiple forms of content if at all possible.

Life of a Facebook Photo

From Visually.

Business Usage

  • 98% B2C businesses use Facebook (versus 46% using LinkedIn)
  • 89% of B2B businesses use Facebook (versus 86% use LinkedIn)
  • 54% B2B businesses say Facebook is their most important platform
    • Increased 43% between 2017 – 2018

Meaningful Group Stats

  • 100 million users

This stat had to do with a goal that Mark Zuckerburg has. He wants hearts to join on Facebook and a meaningful group is one in which some huge thing has brought together people into a group where they can share support. I think it’s a pretty good goal especially when it is called social media. This could be an interesting stat to watch to see where they take it.

Revenue Earned per dollar


  • 2016 – $15.98
  • 2017 – $20.21
  • 2018 – $24.96

Facebook General Stats

  • Facebook’s revenue per user has doubled in 3 years
  • Biggest revenue generator for Facebook is advertising
  • Facebook dropped to 3rd most visited site (Google 1st and YouTube 2nd)
  • Number of members has doubled in a year as of 2018
  • 0.15 is average monthly change in page likes

Ad Related Stats

  • 30% of digital marketers think Facebook has the highest digital ROI
  • Average price per ad increased 17% in 2nd quarter of 2018
  • 24.2% of pages use paid media
  • Facebook click through ads has tripled 2015-2018
  • Facebook click through ads have tripled between 2015-2018
  • Facebook is being forecast as controlling 87% of all social media video ad spending
  • 80% are annoyed when video auto plays and it turns them away from your brand
  • Average click on ads is 8 ads per month
    • Women is 10 per month
    • Men is 7 per month


Facebook still appears to be a viable location for various types of online marketing. Some ads were surprising for me and some weren’t. I found it interesting how much a couple of the statistics said the average people did per month on it. The section on video wasn’t all that surprising but was a little less active for how much it was said people watch.

You should go through and see what you find interesting and what you find surprising. Let me know what surprises you in the comment section. I’m kind of curious what others find interesting about regarding these stats.

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