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3 Things to Consider when using AdwareMedic

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One of the worse things that can happen when you are working on your computer creating content for your affiliate marketing, wouldn’t you agree?

The thing you run into when this really becomes a problem is that your work slows down and if it gets bad enough, work is over.

I found a way to deal with this after talking to a white hat hacker which is a hacker that works to fight the bad hacking. They recommended a program that fought things at the same level as the hackers and it was known as malwarebytes.

What is Adware Medic?

Then I found out about AdwareMedic. Adware Medic is a program that is an anti malware program that was bought out by Malwarebytes. It is designed to scan for adware and fight malware after which it removes adware. For Macs, this is becoming more and more prevalent as the infographic shows. At the time of this writing it works with around 20 types of malware and it doesn’t work like virus protection. It is an as needed rather than an always on program.

I have a Mac, I don’t need protection

One of the most misunderstood things about virus protection and malware protection is that Macs don’t need to worry about it. I will say that I’m not a professional with regard to Macs but one of the things that protects them is that they work in a different way than a Window’s computer. Their sessions are not supposed to continue in the same way that Window’s computer does.

This has made people comfortable with all aspects of their Mac life. This includes the App store for Apple. Some hackers knew that and imitated AdwareMedic and when it was found out, they changed the name to AdwareDoctor. It was found out and was eventually deleted. After that point, and after Malwarebytes bought it, some have not liked it that much either. That’s why I’m going to share some other options you have as well.

Mac Virus Revolution

From Visually.

Other options for protection

Here are some other options for keeping your computer clear and thus not interrupting your work flow.

  • Avast Free Mac Security – It has 3 shields: a web shield, email shield, and a file shield. It’s free and is an on demand scanner.
  • Sophos Home Premium – Sophos has a free version. It stands out against the other ones in that it is real time protection.


The one thing we want to do is to protect what is considered to be our one tool we need to do our jobs as affiliate marketers. Choosing carefully based on what we want and have the technical expertise to perform would be one of the most important things to consider.

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