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5 Best Practices for Marketing Online

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5 Best Practices for Marketing Online

The Importance of Communication

We are going to write a review of our interaction with our customers. These are the 5 best practices for marketing online. We need to know how to communicate in the language of our customers and build on that to create a scenario where there is mutual interaction that hopefully results in a sale for the merchant and a purchase from the customer. The result of this transaction is that the transaction will fulfill what both sides of the transaction is desiring.

Know your CustomerBest Practices for Marketing Online

I know, this seems to be super basic. I mean, who would go out there and start selling something without knowing who their customer is. But you would be surprised how many times it actually takes place and people rush out there not knowing this basic piece of information from their potential audience.

I myself have talked to some who say this. You ask them who their customer is and they say, “well, everybody” is my customer. This happens a lot in MLM, or multi-level marketing, companies. They are taught to go out there and just approach everybody and sell your product to them. Actually, they are sneakier than that because they say you’re not selling anything, you’re sharing.

Know the language they speakCommunicate to Succeed

But that is almost more deceptive to the new-comer to the field. Who goes out there and tries to “share” with everyone and no one bites. What does the new marketer think? They think they’re a failure because they can’t get anyone else to join their business and they believe it’s them. They must be a failure. What else could it be?

I want you to go out and sell to someone who doesn’t speak the language you speak. I mean really go out there and hand them a sample and tell them how your business works. How well is that going to go? Do you think you’re going to get a lot of sales? I would say you’re not going to get any sales unless it’s just luck. You won’t because you can’t speak the same language as your listener.

Take that same person and take those products, say a product that lowers cholesterol, and see what happens to someone who is wanting to get healthy and needs to lower their cholesterol and feel healthier. Have a conversation with them and see what they need to do to get healthy. Ask them questions about their current situation. Do they need to lower it because of heart problems or are they just trying to prevent problems? I guarantee you will get a lot further than in the first scenario.

Why, you ask? It has to do with language. In the first situation you couldn’t communicate because you didn’t even speak the same language. You could communicate, you could hold a conversation with the second person but the first one you couldn’t even do that. How would you sell a product to a person that couldn’t even understand what you were talking about? The short answer is that you couldn’t.

Communicate Daily

Have you ever try to learn a foreign language? It’s a good idea in this world we live in where there are so many people that speak a different language. Like I pointed out above, though, it’s very similar to what we do as marketers Before we can speak their language we have to learn what language they speak.

But, once you get the basics down the next thing you have to do is to practice what you have learned. It’s not just like you learn two plus two and then you’re done. You have to practice and practice and do this with others. In fact, the phrase that says use it or lose it fits very well here.

There is principle that is taught to copywriters that confirms this. We are taught as copywriters that we have to find our voice. What does this mean? It means you finding what your speaking patterns are to your friends and using that same way you speak to those that read your articles.

When we learn to speak a foreign language we may not have any idea how we are perceived because we are so focused on applying what learned. It’s only when you have found your voice in speaking that language that you communicate clearly and can comprehend what’s going on with both sides of the conversation.

Listen to Your ReaderListen to Your Customer

What do you think is the most important thing in taking part in this interaction we call communication? What is the most important aspect of doing it well? I have a better way of saying this. My mom used to tell me that I was supposed to listen twice as much because I had two ears versus only one mouth.

How does this apply to online marketing? Well, how do you know what your customers are wanting if you don’t listen to what they are saying? Listening in copywriting is done by keyword searches. They tell you what everyone is talking and what is the most popular conversations. I do keyword research to find what people are wanting to talk about and I still question it sometimes even though it shows this is a great topic to write about.

Respond Accordingly

So now we know we need to communicate by knowing our customers. We can’t communicate with people if we don’t know how to communicate. In order to communicate we have to learn their language and in or order to do that we have to know what language they speak.

We find out what their language is, and then we learn to speak it. The next thing we need to do is we need to practice it so we know if we are understanding what they are saying and if we are communicating correctly. Are we using the words we’re supposed to use? From that point and as we communicate on a daily basis and find our voice, we can speak better and be understood more clearly to the people we are desiring to speak with.

In our copywriting world whether we are creating blog posts, writing product reviews, or writing e-books, we need to know our customers and how they communicate. We need to know what they’re passionate about and then create the copy that meets all these criteria.

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  1. Great advice. Very helpful. I can tell you have some great copywriting experience. I like the humor and your mom’s advice. I need to remember about learning who my customers are, what they want, and how to communicate with them.

    • Thanks for visiting the post today. I am glad you enjoyed it and that it will help in your communicating with your customers. That’s always a good thing in what we do for a living. Best wishes to you.

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