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A Marketing Plan for Online Business

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A Marketing Plan for Online Business


I am going to talk to you today about the importance of having a plan. Part of this is goals that are set out and then kept in front of you while you are working your plan. Make incremental goals if you need to, but make sure you have the end result of what will be created in your mind at all times.

Keep the End in SightKeep the End in Site

One of the things some people do that they shouldn’t do when they start a business and not just an online business. They think they will just get a website, start typing some stuff up, place some affiliate links on it and they are done. Then it’s just time to wait for customers to come in.

This is not how you want to look at it. I’m basically going to advocare that you look at things in a backwards way. There are ways you should that will help you in creating your business but if you don’t do them this way then you will find that it may be harder. Doing it the way I’m advocating will give you a foundation for you to build with on creating your online empire.

Think about someone building a house. Do they just get some materials together and then grab a hammer and start building. They didn’t just throw a couple of boards together and then hope it worked out. No, no one does that because it’s not only impractical but it would probably be almost impossible to do that.

All the successful people start with the end in mind and build their dream based on that. And where do they start that allows them to start at the end? They create goals.

Goals to the EndGoals are the Key

Some people think about goals as just something we want to work towards. And I guess in looking at things practically, that is kind of true. But in reality that is looking at goal in a wrong frame of mind. Let’s return to the illustration I was using in the last section. That will give us another way of looking at our plans as well as our goals.

When we decide to build our house, we create a blueprint. A blueprint is literally what the house looks like but in two-dimensional form. They create it and look for any problems that the design could create. What kind of problems are they looking for? That’s a good question and it builds out what we’re talking about.

When they create the blueprint they are looking for some specific things as well as things may come up while working through the design. What kinds of things are they looking for?

  • Does it meet code?
  • Do doors block off the windows?
  • is there enough places to power up the house, are there enough electrical outlets?
  • Is there too many bedrooms? Not enough bedrooms?
  • Does it handle the amount of people that will be in the house?

These are just some things to think about to is meant to help you realize the need for the blueprints. What’s another name for blueprints in our illustration? They would be called goals.

Now, think about the goals we were talking about? It would make no sense for our goals to be where they are right now, we would have no work to do. They would give us a point to focus on in the future. There would be nothing to modify the present into what will be reality when we accomplish those goals.

That would make no sense. We have to create goals that are at the end of what we are wanting to achieve or at least in alignment with it. We can set multiple goals such as short term, mid term and long term goals.

Build from the Bottom UpA Strong Foundation

Now, this is where the plan part comes into play. You’ve created a plan, a blueprint, or your ultimate goals for what you’re business will look like when you get to a certain point in time. There are phases that you will go through in accomplishing your goals and much of them you won’t be able to see anything taking place. This is one of the most important parts of building your business though.

This is the point where you are building your foundation of your business. You will see that there is a period where nothing is happening except for you working your fingers to the bone. It will seem like all you are doing is spinning your wheels. It seems like that but, like I said this is the most important part of creating your online business. But be prepared, when you have gone through this phase you may very well see huge jumps in moving forward.

But, rest assured, that this will be when your goals are coming into being. This is when the goal is moving from a two-dimensional image to a fully three-dimensional object that you have created with your plans, goals in incremental steps, and perserverence.

Have built in Contingency Plans?

One thing you should have in your plans is backup plans or directions you can go if something goes wrong. When planning for your business you must plan or at least be prepared for something that can go wrong. If you were preparing a business plan that you were submitting for investors they want to know that you have prepared for everything that can go wrong is accounted for. It’s no different here.


A plan, a complete plan like we’re talking about here is a plan you can hold in your mind and build everything around until you have the actually physical creation of your plan. When any kind of plan or goal is made you need to keep your eye only on that plan until you can see, feel, touch, or walk into your plan that is now in front of you.

Be prepared with your goals, have the end result as the destination of what you are doing. Keep that in mind and don’t let anything that happens turn you away from what you are doing and what you are accomplishing. Then when you have accomplished it, you can compare what you have completed and compare it to what in the beginning was only an idea in your mind.

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