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From Prisoner to Producer

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The Beginning that almost wasn’t

It seems that the beginning of my life I was fighting doing things the “traditional” way. I fought back from an illness that was supposed to win by the time I was a year old. I have been working on making connections others are missing from the time I was small. I fought against bullies since I was very short in high school, and in point of fact I still am, and had to learn to be creative to avoid being hurt. From there, I worked in administrative, retail, and customer service working on finding those connections that others were missing in becoming successful.

Rather than this being a page about everything I’ve done and accomplished, I wanted you to know who I am. I have been a fighter and found ways to improve production that I was point blank told were impossible. Even when I was following the system set before me, I made it work in ways people didn’t understand or believe could be done. In some situations I have succeeded, some I’ve failed, and some I shot past excelling beyond anything I could have imagined. The one thing you will know by the end of this is who I am and what my motivations are for this site and how I can help you.

I remember being in school and trying to find ways to be successful without attracting the attention of bullies or anyone who would make me feel intimidated. What I didn’t know was that this was

Me with friends around 2012 at statehouse in Washington

building me up to find the secret successes behind the facade that we all accept as real. I played the clarinet for most of my time in school and from that point I taught myself  how to play the keyboard, organ, guitar, and penny whistle, among others.

The Prison I Created

After I left high school I seemed to take a lot of these events in a personal way. At the same time I was reading about all these things that were possible and non-traditional ways of making money and some I realized I was doing without making money at it. As an example, I had spent much of my time in school working with computers and modifying their content. Little did I know that I was basically learning about hacking. Ethical hacking though.

The problem was, though, I didn’t take advantage of it because I let myself stay imprisoned in my own mind and not step out there confidently with my knowledge and ability and claim my part of the fortune. I knew there was a whole venue of money waiting to be claimed and staying confined within a prison of my own making and not even realizing how I could step out of it.

The Beginning

That led me to my forays into online marketing which began in about 2012. My first work was involved in typing mini-blog posts for ezine sites that would direct traffic to my site. At this point I was just learning about this possibility of not having to work in a brick and mortar job which was becoming more and more a tedious practice as I had already gone through jobs having closed down and moved outside the United State. It was enlightening though because I learned about SEO and how to use keywords in articles.

My Dark Night of the Soul

I then took some time off during a pretty dark period of my life when both my mom and sister passed away. It hit me hard and I spent some time readjusting to life which had changed drastically at this point.

My Mom in a glamour shot she was so proud of.

It was after this point and reading several free resources, becoming a copywriter with AWAI, and starting with a few sites that I found Wealthy Affiliate.  I began learning more detail about affiliate marketing and using their hosting and training. This was the true beginning of my affiliate marketing career. It was the first time I found some comprehensive training and the community along with the training, is second to none. However, even with all I had looked into there were still some things missing.

During my time with training as a copywriter I realized the true power was in the words we used. The words in print as well as the words we use in life. This was when I took the training I had received as a copywriter and my work and training as an affiliate marketer and begin creating what I wanted online.

Putting it all together

When I finally started understanding and learning the way to do what was missing, I realized that all the things that I wasn’t sure about were filled in and I am now moving my business to new levels. One example of this is that I have increased my following in some of the social media sites as much as 3600% and increasing daily. I learned the power of words, both written and spoken, and how they touch each person whether for good or bad.

Our goal in doing anything online, or in life for that matter, is finding the correct words for the situation we find ourselves in. Once we find those words we need to assemble them, like putting a puzzle together and find out what a masterpiece we have created.

Me during nursing school.

If you are interested in learning how to assemble your words together and achieve new levels in your life while doing something you love, then feel free to contact me here.


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