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Advocare Review – Your Key to Health and Fitness

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Advocare Review – Your Key to Health and Fitness

Advocare Review

Name: Advocare

Website: https://affiliatemarketingsuccess4u.com/focusonhealth

Price: $19/$59

Owners: Charlie Ragus

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Advocare, Product Overview

Get Fit TodayAdvocare is a multi-level marketing, sports nutrition company that specializes in supplementation as well as sports nutrition. It was founded in 1993 by Charlie Ragus with the goal of being the best supplements there are and having spectacular effects for it’s users.

They have supplements for the average person to the professional athlete with specialty products for the average person, athletes, professional athletes, and the elderly populations. They have been featured on the Dr. Oz show where he focused on their Omega-3’s. Out of about 12 on the show, Advocare ranked 2nd.

Their signature product is a program called One80 which helps people transition into a healthy lifestyle. It helps you make small changes in your lifestyle to help you move into eating, living, and supplementation that will help you love life more and live as fully as you can.

I wanted to let you know that I would use images of products with logos but Advocare doesn’t allow people, including its distributors, to use product images without permission from the company.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 Effective products at various discount levels

PRO #2 Free local training

PRO #3 Free nationwide publicity with major league soccer

PRO#4 Endorsers have to agree to endorse it without pay and use the product

The Bad:

CON #1 Can be difficult to get off the ground as a business

CON #2 Higher level discounts can require high levels of bought product

Who is Advocare For?

Advocare is designed to be used by anyone. They have products that are for children and adults all the way to seniors. They have products and plans for weight loss with a variety of programs and plans for anyone wanting to get involved.

Larry O’Connor Tools & Training

Using Your ToolsAdvocare is set up so you pretty much learn as you earn. You have training that is available to you right from the very beginning in the form of a workbook, videos, quarterly training meetings, and personal support from your own sponsor. At various levels there are other trainings available and are given as you work your way up in the ranks.

Training videos are broken down into things like personal development, corporate trainings and training in others in how to communicate with others. Corporate trainings consist of scientific trainings on how to maximize your effectiveness with the products along with scientific videos from the scientific team behind Advocare.

Advocare Support

Their is support from the multiple sources with Advocare. The scientific team is led by the prestigious doctor who founded intravenous feeding. That is feeding and making sure people get the nutrients they need with liquid food being passed down a tube.

The whole structure is set up for helping you get the best possible results you can get with the products. Their are information requests that can be done that goes straight to the doctors that founded the Advocare product. Along with that are the videos that show you ways to vary your use of the products to vary what you can do with the products.

Advocare Price

Their are multiple ways to get involved in using Advocare products. Each person can buy the products retail from a distributor or they can buy them discounted for a yearly fee of around $19. If a person is wanting to get involved in Advocare as a business they can begin a business for $79.00. The price does come with a variety of samples and gives you some full size to try as well as to hand out for samples.

This buys you into the lowest discount of 20% but based on how much product you buy you can get as high as40% discount to buy your product for personal use as well as buy samples. For many, they are able to sell off or sample people and get sales from them so that’s a pretty good situation.

My Final Opinion of Advocare

The product is superior from what I’ve tried. Their are 4 different versions of daily nutrient packs which include vitamins and other nutrients. I have tried many of them and I would have to say that I had almost immediate results from trying them. I really enjoyed how you had more energy as well as effects on how you felt in many areas of your life. Even when I took the Omega-3’s I felt less inflammation in my knees. Now I’m not saying that you will have the same result but that was what happened for me when I tried them.

I would say that the product is good and it definitely does what it says it will do with some feeling the effects immediately such as what I felt. Their is one product that when I took it I immediately felt my ab area tightening within an hour after taking it. It is a product that is meant to help you burn fat and maintain lean body mass. The business aspect of it is more difficult to get going so I’m not sure I would recommend that part. To be honest, it takes a special person to succeed in that field.

Advocare at a Glance…

Name: Advocare

Website: https://affiliatemarketingsuccess4u.com/focusonhealth

Owners: Charlie Ragus

Price: $19/$59

Overall Scam Rank: 20 out of 100



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