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Best Place for a Free Website

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Best Place for a Free Website


I am going to compare the products and features of a few of the most well-known free websites available to help everyone find the best place for a free website.

What can I get for Free?

I’m going to go over each of the three companies I’ve decided to present and then conclude with a basic review and my personal thoughts on which one is best for your money and your purposes. One particular feature that many are looking for, especially those just creating their first website online, is if they have the ability to get a free website. We will compare if the value you get with them even when creating a free site.

The first site I’m going to review is Wix. Many people use Wix and you see commercials on television about creating a site there with one of it’s major features being that you can start a site for free. With Wix you get some templates for designing your site. They give you 500MB for creation and for your images and storage.

The next site I will review is Weebly and is another popular site for those small businesses wanting to create an online presence and go live on the internet. They have drag-and-drop editing tools as well as many templates to create your site. They too give you 500MB for the creation of your site which would include your docs, text, and images that make up your site.

The last site under review for free sites is wealthyaffiliate.com. Wealthy Affiliate gives you around 3GB of storage and you have access to free hosting along with the ability to create an online store using affiliate marketing techniques. Here is a major difference though, that is 3GB for each of the two websites you get with the free membership.

What do I need to do to have an Online Store?

Many people want to create an online store so they can start making money online. This is one of the reasons I started it was so I could make money while working at it during the day but also so I could make money while I slept. I’m keeping the sites I’m reviewing in the same order as the previous section for ease of reading. So that means I’m going to start with Wix.

Wix has a few different levels of options once you leave the free tier. In order for you to create an online store you have to go with at least $14.50 and that’s only for an affiliate marketing type of store. For a true online store you have to go with at least $20 for Wix ads to be gone.

Weebly is usually similar to Wix and the removal of ads if you pay more is the same here. However, in order to get anything and have a business account you have to pay $35 a month. The price is quite a bit different but it looks like the rest is a lot like Wix in both website creation and setup.

The last one I will talk about is Wealthy Affiliate once again. Here, you still can create your online store using the free options and in fact you can have two stores if you so chose to do so. Just this fact creates a great difference between the three of these services. I want to add a component to my review and that is any bonus content you get with the sites. This will probably be what really sets the three about and will help you get the right website host for your needs.

What additional bonuses do I get?

Okay, I said I will give you the 3 service providers in the same order and I will continue it here. The problem, as you will see, is there is a great difference between the three, but only with regard to one of them.

Wix and Weebly have really no additional bonuses to speak of. They are basic providers of internet services. At a certain tier of their services they will allow you to have a free domain so you can have a top-level domain. Many services that serve online businesses require this as a very minimum to operating as a business.

If we now refer to Wealthy Affiliate and what bonuses they have we have one that stands head and shoulders above the rest of them. In fact, it will be the only time I have to use bullet points to describe them because there are a lot of them.

  • Free research tools for keyword search and analysis
  • Free keyword generator
  • An extra website to create a second online appearance
  • 10 free lessons in creating an online presence
  • Earn while you learn
  • And, 1-on-1 coaching for the first 7 days

This is quite a difference in the three sites in my opinion, but I’ll let you make that decision. The next section I will sum up what I’ve presented here today.


There is a clear difference in my opinion between Wealthy Affiliate and the other two providers. You have twice as many free sites with them. You have multiple bonuses included with Wealthy Affiliate including earning while you learn, a keyword research and generator tool that would be priced at $20 a month minimum for what is included for free.

So I would have to say that in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate would be the best place for a free website hands down. They clearly stand out and they truly care about those that create their sites there. I look forward to seeing your own online empire and seeing your success as well.






6 thoughts on “Best Place for a Free Website”

  1. Wix and Weebly sound like good ideas to help in starting up a website but without doubt the best platform to start up a website for free is wealthy affiliate. It’s also good because you can easily move your siterubix to WordPress domain when your ready to become a professional.

    • Yes wealthy affiliate is the best by far, and when you set it up on siterubix it is set up on a wordpress platform. So you get two sites for free on wordpress.

  2. I have an experience with wix and weebly; I must commend you seriously because you got their features but i can tell you authoritatively that wealthy affiliate is the best of all. The community is the best affiliate markwting website for now.Thank you for sharing this insightful articleThis is the demonstration of the rightway to go aboutI look forward to reading your other articles and having success

  3. Very nice comparison between the websites. I really enjoyed.

    Does Wealthy Affiliate offer all these for free? You have listed a lot here, Free research tools, 2 websites, 10 lessons, 1-on-1 coaching, how many they take for all these? In a few other reviews, I saw they offer some free training. Is that real?

    Moreover, is the connection of the host is better and faster than Wix?

    From some recent reviews (including yours), I have been interested in Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Yes, they are offered as I listed them above. Siterubix listed with wealthy affiliate is the best I’ve seen so far and the training as well.

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