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Can you Really make Money with Affiliate Marketing

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We’re going to get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about income from Affiliate Marketing. We’re going to answer the question of can you really make money with Affiliate Marketing? Well, that’s not exactly how we will end up by the end of the article. You’ll have to read further to see why that’s not so easy to answer and who you have to go to that can really answer that question in the best way.

What do you want to do?Learn Wealthy Affiliate

That is the real question people want to answer. Can you really make money with affiliate marketing? Most people don’t really know if they can answer that question in a positive manner. It really depends on who you talk to about the topic. Talk to different people and you’ll get a different response. I have family members who really think that that only way you will make any money is by working in a brick and mortar building or have a typical nine to five job.

However, if you ask someone who has or is making money working online they will tell you that you can make money working online. But, if you wanted to find out how well a career works, wouldn’t you ask the people that are experienced in it rather than the people who have never done it?

For example, I have heard others talk about the same type of thing elsewhere. I read a lot of the books in the Rich Dad series which are written by Robert Kiyosaki. His books are about financial topics with investments focusing on real estate. However, when he talks about investments he talks about investing in real estate versus investing in the stock market.

He tells about people going to talk to their broker, namely their financial investment brokers, who tell people to invest in things like mutual funds. These investments are safe they say and they sometimes tend to push away from real estate. But in the Rich Dad books he brings up a question regarding it. What does he ask? Why would you talk to a paper asset advocate about buying real assets when they are different things? You wouldn’t. I decided to to some research regarding it.

Here are some statistics that may enlighten you:

  • Interest in searching for affiliate marketing grew 30% in one year
  • 20% of Publisher’s annual income is generated through Affiliate Marketing
  • 16% of all online orders are generated through Affiliate Marketing
  • $7 million of Affiliate Income generated by one Online Marketer

How much can you make?Affiliate Marketing Income

Once again, how much can you make? I know, here we go again with that question. I hope the stats above were enlightening, I just found one that was really wild. The next time someone says you can’t make money just tell them this. According to Amnavigator, 1% of the UK’s GDP is driven by Affiliate Marketing. How’s that for some shocking stats? But according to people not involved, there’s no money to be made in Affiliate Marketing.

You should go and ask some Digital Marketers what they think will be the most desirable skill to have. You will find that 40% of them say that Affiliate Marketing is the most desired trait to have. In fact, it is such a popular and potential money maker that many countries practice it. The US ranks pretty much at the top of the Affiliate Marketing chain of users while countries like Spain and Italy are at the bottom.

Above I talked about a digital marketer that made $7 million in one year. Is he alone? Was it because he was special and no one else can do it? Would that be true with some of the stats I listed above? Even if you see so many blog posts about income reports, if you don’t believe money can be made in it, you won’t believe it is possible. So, the question you have to ask yourself, is do you believe there’s money? The simple and blatant answer is yes.

How much time does it take?

This is one way people look at stuff and they figure if it doesn’t work quickly then it’s not valid. I have heard people say this and in reality it is the fact that they just haven’t tried it or given it a chance that makes it not work. Here is the thing. There is more than one type of income. You have money that is generated quickly and there are assets that start out slow and give you income over the long haul. Much of the income in Affiliate Marketing would be garnered over the long haul.

So if you want to answer the question about how long it takes you have to define what type of affiliate marketing you’re talking about. Are you talking about just pinning links into Pinterest? Perhaps you are talking about building a blog from the ground up and then placing links on there. Where are you starting from? Did you have a blog already and just decide to move into affiliate marketing as an additional revenue stream? This is why this question is hard to answer.

Is it worth it?Money while you Sleep

Affiliate marketing is definitely a contender in making a legitimate income and can develop into a very significant source. If you put in the time you can build a following and by extension build an income that will hold it’s own as part of your income package. It can hold it’s own if you want to use it as one of your income streams.

So is it worth it? I would say yes. The whole thing is based on finding something you love and then creating an affiliate marketing business so it will just be time spent on something you’re passionate about. So what if it takes you a few months? You love the topic and probably love finding out all you can about it. That means you are just writing about a topic for a few months which can then begin to build an income. You can even become an authority on the subject which can lead to other streams of income such as public speaking if you want to do that.


After all we’ve talked about, what is your opinion? Did I answer the question about the possibility of making money? Did I answer the question of how long it takes? Did I just skirt around the issue and not really answer the questions? I mentioned above how it can be difficult to narrow down a simple yes or no in trying to answer the questions.

I’m going to leave you with some things to think about in defining the answer to these questions:

  • What type of affiliate marketing am I doing? Blogging or pinning affiliate links?
  • Am I doing what I love? It makes it something I love and not really work then, right?
  • What do I want for income? Am I willing to put in the time?
  • Do I want to just make money or do I want to become an authority on what I’m writing about?

If you think about these points, it will help you define your own answers to the questions we talked about above. Good luck and see you out there on the World Wide Web and in your marketing efforts.

8 thoughts on “Can you Really make Money with Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Interesting thoughts, but in several places your grammar could be improved. For example, your wording “I’m going to leave you with some things to thinking about in defining the answer to these questions” makes no sense at all. I highly suggest you use a website called grammarly.com to check all of your posts before putting them up here. I believe they charge a small monthly fee, but using it will greatly improve your posts.

    On a more positive note, I do appreciate your use of photos in this post.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

    • Thanks, I use Hemingwayapp.com to do that and sitecontents and then read out loud. But I’m trying to pump out the content and apparently missed that stuff today. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m going to have to be more careful in it. Thanks for taking the time out to read it.

  2. Great post on a beautiful site. I like the way you re-emphasized that afilliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. This is why many do not make success out of it. They are too eager to make money that they lose sight of the little things that’ll make the money.

    • Yes, it’s sad but it’s true If only people realized it’s a legitimate method of making money but we all have to put in our time to learn it and build a strong foundation that can serve us later as it builds up. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

  3. Earning money with affiliate marketing is certainly a timely process. Of course earning depends on several factors, but there is money in it. Finding the right product to promote
    is key though.

  4. Larry you made this very clear and there can be no misunderstanding.
    The statistics alone spell out there are opportunities to explore.

    Everybody needs money and want it now, this is not a quick fix to their problem, but a lifelong investment in time more than money to achieve a goal.
    The more time you invest the better the results will be.

    Thank you for a very good article taking about the misconseptions there might be. There is money to be earned in Affiliate marketing.

    Bush Lady

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