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Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools for Beginners

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Introduction to Essential Marketing Tools

Learn how the tools used for researching keywords can help you create a piece that is readable and easily applicable for your readers. Make your keywords clear, make your writing clear, and make sure your message gives them how to apply it. Only then will you have learned how to apply essential affiliate marketing tools for beginners in the right way.

The Need for Tools

I don/t think I’ve found any job that doesn’t require at least some tools. Some require some pretty specialized ones and some you can use some pretty simple ones. Just like other things, we have tools we need to use in affiliate marketing Well, let me say that we should have tools we use that will help us do what we need to get done. I’m going to talk about those tools today.

I know what that’s like too. I wasn’t like most that decided to work on cars or build shelves. I chose to learn to work on computers and you talk about some specialized tools. That is one field that has some of the smallest screws, places where you have to be strapped into a grounding source so no electricity travels through the body. Each of those tools made it easier to get the job done in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Here I’m going to go into 3 tools you need to do affiliate marketing to help you succeed and stand out from others. The three tools I chose to go over are the keyword tool, the alphabet tool, and the content creator tool. Each has their specific use in doing the job of affiliate marketing.

Keyword Tool

The keyword tool is arguably one of the most important tools of the three. We are all in competition with page one rankings in Google and our secret weapon in this battle is this particular tool. Not all are created equal though because there are some things you really have to have when figuring out what you need to write about.

This tool is one that can help you decide what to write about but is usually used after the alphabet tool. Here you find a phrase that is along the lines of what you wanted to write about but has very little competition. You need to find one that conveys your message but doesn’t have a lot of websites that would  keep you from getting to page 1 results on Google.

When you have a term that doesn’t have a lot of competition then you will use that as your topic for your blog post. You want to have that keyword, it will usually be a phrase which is called a keyword, that will make your page unique enough so that if someone searches for that phrase then it will populate your article.

Alphabet SearcherJaaxy meets all your needs

I used Jaaxy as my tool for preparing for my blog posts. It contains all the tools I will need to create quality content that is targeted towards my specific niche and people I want to read my blog. In this set of tools the Alphabet tool is called, Alphabet Soup, and it is super easy.

Alphabet Soup allows you to type in a phrase you may be deciding to use. This phrase may have too many results and you may not have any idea of what you can add to reduce the results. Alphabet Soup fixes that problem by giving you suggestions that you can use.

This is how it works. When you type a phrase in you will get additional words you can add to it which will be based on the alphabet. For example, if you type in a phrase such as “affiliate marketer” and it will give you additional words starting with “A” and then “B” and then “C” all the way to “Z.”

Each of these would then be plugged into the keyword tool to find the one that gives you the lowest QSR, or direct competition. Like I said above, this tells you if you will have a lot of sites fighting to get to the top of Google’s search engine. This process can be fun, you never know what you’ll discover. Some will make sense and some will be a bunch of words thrown together. Remember, one of the cardinal rules when using keywords, is that the keyword phrase has to make sense in a sentence.

Writing PlatformSite Content Writing Tool

After you have done the previous couple parts, you are ready to begin typing up your post. Now you’re going to take all the information you have assembled about your keyword and create quality content that will make your readers want to finish it and come back for more. I use a product called Site Content that’s included in my Wealthy Affiliate membership. It has templates I can use and even has a daily goal tracker so I can type a certain amount of material a day.

Google wants the information you create on your site to be quality and authoritative. I try to type at least 1,000 words a day with internal links when possible for each post. The more information you get on your site with quality content, using low competition keywords, the more your site will stand out and increase in authority.


And that is how you use your tools to create a blog, or website post that will stand out from posts by everyone else. It places you beside those that are trying to receive the message you are trying to get out with as little competition as possible so people will find you. In short, if you create it the right way, you will stand out as the more authoritative and professional of those that are communicating.

I look forward to hearing how this helps you create quality posts that stand out and conveys your message in a way that makes your message easy to read and apply. Each person that reads your post is looking for something and has recognized in your writing the possibility that it may be what they are looking for. Make sure you don’t disappoint and you give them what they want.


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