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Free Keyword Research Tool

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Free Keyword Research Tool

Find keywords that will help you excel in your online marketing campaigns. START here to narrow keywords that make you stand out online.

What do you want to look for in your results?

AVG – AVG tells you the average number of searches for the keyword you aare looking for. You want there to be something here. You are not looking for a specific number but you want to see that people are looking for the keyword you entered.

QSR – This tells you how many websites are ranked on Google with this exact phrase. It tells you basically your direct competition. Here you want to look for a number at the very best of under 200. I have always looked for a number that is lower than 100 but I talked to someone who always looks for numbers around 50. That would definitely get you noticed because like I said, it gives you your direct competion.

SEO – This section tells you your chances of being on the first page of Google. There is a ranking of 1 – 100 and the closer you get to 100 the better your chances. It’s kind of a validation of what your QSR told you.

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