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Free Responsive Website Templates – Wealthy Affiliates Secret Weapon

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The Website for all needs

There is a feature that is very rarely talked about within Wealthy Affiliate and yet it’s one of the most important and needed technologies when you recognize how things are moving technologically. That secret technology I’m talking about is free responsive website templates. I’m going to talk today about that today along with web page design. We need to know the difference between responsive versus adaptive. One of the most important best practices for Affiliate Marketers is to have a responsive website. I am going to show you how you can test your site to see if it’s a responsive website.

Necessity for having a Responsive Website

Most people just think about having a website and don’t think much about it more than that. They think a site is just a site, but I’ll tell you a story about a person I knew that thought the same thing. They too thought that if they had a website they were online and customers would start rushing in.

When this person opened their site on a mobile device the pictures and the text were really wonky. It didn’t align correctly and the text didn’t show on the page right. The text ran off the side into nowhere. Images remained their same size and they, too, ran off the side of the page. This is known as an adaptive website. They don’t always adjust right when you view the page on a mobile device. Most people with this type of site create a computer web page and a separate mobile version of their site.

These series of images from the top to the bottom show a web page as it is being manipulated on a desktop computer to a mobile. This is a test to show if your page will align correctly or if there is more work you must do. Remember, and I’m going to talk about it all through this article, the customer experience is what we are focusing on.

The image on the top right is a site that is nestled within the tabs along the top. You have the ability to move that tab off the main page and become a window of it’s own. This will allow you to test whether your site is a responsive versus adaptive site. The image below shows what happens when you grab the tab itself and move it away from the main tabs. This removes it from the other tabs at which point you have to minimize it at the top right to adjust from the right and left.

Just grab the sides of the window and you will have a double arrow which allows you to adjust the window in and out. When you do this, you are able to watch what happens inside the lone window. As you grab it and move it from either side and you will see the contents adjust themselves to fit within the new window. The image just below this paragraph demonstrates what I’m talking about.

Site moved off of main pageWhat is a Responsive website?

A responsive website will readjust the content to maintain the contents so they are readable and cohesive no matter what device is being used. This is very important. If you have ever seen a site that doesn’t adjust it can do just what I talked about above.

Many of our readers very well could be reading our blogs and making purchasing decisions from a cell phone or from a tablet. We need to make sure readability is there no matter what device they use.

Does your Website Work Anywhere? Site Condensing itself

The image on the right shows a window that is being condensed by pulling it from right to the left. The main text is the best to watch as you will see it reform into text that aligns based on the size and orientation of the screen.

Basically what happens is the site adjusts itself in whatever form it needs to make sure that it is still readable no matter where you look at the site. I watched one of the sites I reviewed here and it was very awkward how it populated the page when it was condensed.

The Fully Mobile Platform

Our goal in any type of marketing is to make sure it is able to be comprehended by our readers. If you create a site that’s made how we want it to be and don’t take into consideration how they will be viewing it, we may never reach them. When you change media platforms, your above the envelope changes. The points on your screen that you targeted to make sure they are seen by the customer may not even be seen without scrolling down the page.

One of the main rules regarding this is you want the reader to do the least amount of clicks as possible. Think of it as the closest point between two points is a straight line. Anytime you have to make a turn means the person can get lost. It works the same with clicks. The rule is, with each click, you stand more of a chance of losing your reader.

ConclusionSite fully mobile

Here is our site in its fully mobile position. If you notice, the text of the article is spread across the screen, the background image is centered, and the website title now stretches across the top. In the theme I used, also as well as the menu, switches to a sidebar menu rather than across the top.

Take advantage of this feature with every website you create and design. If you do so, it should increase your chances of converting customers and making money online.



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  1. Hi, I have three websites. Two are bought domains and one I’m still building content for on the .siterubix subdomain. I immediately checked to see if my site was responsive upon reading this article. Since I’ve never bothered to view my sites on mobile, I thought it was time to the moment of truth. Luckily, both sites are responsive and are properly condensed. Thank you for this article, since I must’ve “inadvertently” condensed my sites without realizing!

  2. Hi Larry,

    Great post! Yes having a responsive site is definitely a must. I have a number of them thru Wealthy Affiliate and I make sure they are responsive right off the bat.

    You explain so well how and why they work. It is amazing how technology works these days. I just sit in amazement sometimes haha. Keep up the great work. Appreciate your time,


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