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HemingwayApp Tutorial – Your Secret Weapon in Writing for Success

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The HemingwayApp


I’m going to show you the secret weapon in creating content that people can go through and find it easy to read, comprehend, and enjoy. It is done with a combination of techniques and tools and this is one of the main ones to make sure you have accomplished what you wan to achieve. Read on and I look forward to seeing your success in writing for success.

What is HemingwayAppCreate Reader Friendly Text

This is not something that people generally look at when writing their content. They are worried about researching their topic and then organizing it in a basic format, and then typing it so they can get all kinds of people to their site so they can make their money. They work on it o make sure they sound like they know what they’re talking about. But, that type of thinking violates the #1 rule of any kind of customer based product.

That rule is that you focus on your customer, not on yourself. Everything you do is to make it as easy as you can for your reader or customer as you can. So here’s a short quiz for you?

  • Are you writing for your benefit or for your readers?
  • What is the purpose of your writing? Is it to sell something or to draw your reader into the world you’re creating?

How can it benefit me?Data for Writinghttps://affiliatemarketingsuccess4u.com/5-steps-to-creating-socially-engaging-content/

Did you think about the questions I asked you above? What was your answers? Think about your answers now. Who did you say you were writing for? What about the second question? What was the purpose of your writing? Were you writing to sell or were you creating a world you wanted your reader to become part of?

Well, there’s only one thing you are writing for. You are creating a world that you want your reader to become a part of and see nothing else until they have done whatever you want them to do. Draw them in with your writing and create the only reality for you want them to have.

So, how does hemingwayapp help with this? This app will help you eliminate the greatest hindrance to people enjoying and being drawn into your writing. What is the greatest hindrance? The greatest hindrance is the ease of reading what you have written.

Think about it, how much do you enjoy reading something that is highly technical with big words and technical lingo. You wouldn’t and you know it.

How does it work?

It does it in a very easy way for the writer. You write your content and copy and paste it into the hemingwayapp and see what it says. You can’t get more simple than that. No, really, that’s all you do.

You can find other places where you can do similar stuff but not near as easily as you can with hemingwayapp. The goal is to make it as easy for your reader to enter the world you are creating as possible. It takes your content and applies some criteria to it to determine how readable it is. It applies an age level to your material and tells you what age group should be able to comprehend what you’ve written.

How does it make my material topnotch?Very understandable text

When you look at HemingwayApp which is either a website for free or a Windows App that you can purchase for $19.99. You pull up the web page and it has text on the page that gives you a sample page of text that gives you the various pieces of data it looks at to give you the readability of your data.

What does it look for? Look at the right-hand side of the panel and you will see text with various colors. Each color gives you a different part of grammar that is within your writing and each has a different effect on your article and how your readers will be effected by it.

Blue stands for adverbs.

Green stands for passive text.

Purple shows you text that can be written in a simpler manner.

Yellow shows you hard to read text.

And, red tells highlights text that is very hard to read.

The whole program allows you to just type your material in the app and modify your text with things like:

  • bold
  • quote text
  • h1-h3 headings
  • bullets
  • numbers
  • and even insert links in your text

It is basically a full editor for your writing needs. It will even give you the amount of words, phrases, sentences and even the amount of time it would take the average person to read what you’ve written.

The secret is readability

If you click on the help button at the top HemingwayApp will tell you the average American reads at about a 10th grade reading level. It uses the algorithm that has been used to evaluate text and it’s readability. This algorithm has been used all the way back to the time of typewriters.

I use Hemingway after I’ve typed my content in SiteContent and spell checker and then copying it over to see how hard my writing is to read. If you use it this way, you will find your writing becoming much easier to read and you readers enjoying it more. More enjoyability means more interaction between you and them which creates more activity on your site to Google.

4 thoughts on “HemingwayApp Tutorial – Your Secret Weapon in Writing for Success”

    • It is one I found that works so very well. Is there a different tool you use like this or did you not use any of these type of programs?

  1. Very interesting article on the Hemingway App. As a writer myself, I am always looking for ways to improve my content. Yoast SEO which I use for my posts to optimize SEO structure, often gives me a red light for readability which means that I need to shorten my sentences in order to make it easier to read and comprehend. This app may just be what I need. I will definitely check it out to see if it can move the red light to a green one. Thank you for making this available. Tom

    • Thanks Tom, I was using a Word feature that kind of did the same thing but I really like the HemingwayApp much better. Let me know what you think about it.

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