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Get more Traffic to your Website for Free in 3 Easy Steps

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We have all entered the Internet community with one purpose: we want to make money. We spent time creating a site where we can share our products or services and get them to the people that want them. You want to make money and I’m going to be telling you here how to get more traffic to your website for free.

Step 1: Recognize The Importance of Traffic

Global Internet Traffic Is Expected to Quadruple by the Year 2015

From Visually.

One of the main things I see people doing when they go online and create a website and then wait for money to start rolling in. When it doesn’t happen they are not sure what happened and they say it doesn’t work. But is this true? Not only is this an incomplete assessment of your situation and online business venture, but you are no where near the place in your venture where you can make that statement.

For example, what is the cause of the failure? Is it not enough traffic? Is it too much of the wrong kind of traffic? If it’s the wrong kind of traffic then what’s wrong with it? When working online you have almost 4 billion people that can be your customers so you need to narrow down exactly who your customer is. This is the most important thing you need to know about any business.

When you are creating a business plan there is page after page of description of who you customer is. I say that because by the time you’re done, you have taken all the data of figuring out what their careers are, to where they eat dinner to how many kids they have. You have to know everything about their life and create a perfect image of the one, ideal customer that is buying your product. Only then will you have properly defined your traffic. The aspect we’re talking about here is how to control who your traffic is and accurately define them by proper keywords.

Step 2: Perform Effective Keyword Research

Keyword research is how we find out customers online. We find them and then narrow them down so we don’t have to compete with all 3.74 billion people and however many websites there are across the internet. When doing keyword research it is often best to work from a wide search and narrow it down until you have exactly who and what you’re targeting with your site and product. If you do this it eliminates a lot of people that really are not your customer.

I’m going to show you some things I did as I narrowed down my topic for this article. My first thing I did was search for how to get more traffic to my site, here’s the image of me doing this with Jaaxy.

Here you will see that the average number of searches is 213 but the QSR, which is the number of competing websites, is 131. This figure by the way is only available on Jaaxy and the number needs to be below 100. It was high enough that I want to see what I can do to find something that is maybe below 100.

Our numbers need to look a bit different. The AVG needs to show something, it’s the average number of searches per month. Traffic needs to show a number but the main things to look at are the QSR and the KQI. SEO is also a good predictor for success on ranking on page 1 of google. I did see something in this result, though, that looked good and fit those criteria.

If you look towards the bottom you will see one of the suggestions is, “how to get more traffic to your website for free.” The stats for this are: AVG is 75, Traffic is 13, QSR is 48, and SEO is 93. So let’s look at these number quickly. The average number of searches per month is 75. That’s a good amount of searches and it means people are looking for the number. If you rank on first page you will get around 13 months and there are only 48 competing websites with this exact search term. You want this number to be as low as possible and definitely below 100. The SEO number tells us that we are likely to rank on the first page. It’s based on a value of 1-100 and we’re at 93 so we’re good.

So if we use, “how to get more traffic to your website for free” these numbers look good. Now, I will say that one of the numbers we used is only available in Jaaxy. That number is only found there is the QSR number. Remember that this number tells us the number of websites that have ranked in google with the same search parameters. So what does that mean?

Using Jaaxy for Unparalleled Results

It means that if we use Jaaxy to find our keywords that we have a secret weapon in the form of a QSR rating. QSR is a rating that google used to give you but took away some time back. It allowed you to see how much competition you truly have out there. If you use one without that rating you don’t have that data to use in determining your proper keywords to use.

Step 3: Verify Your Results

Now we have our keyword that we were able to find with our Jaaxy keyword tool. This keyword is also based on how many other sites are using it as well. With less competition, it just increases our chances of ranking on the first page. We need to have all the secret weapons we can when doing anything online for business. We can all use the tools that are available in Jaaxy because they will just help us narrow down exactly what we need to have to beat the competition.

All of these tools are available for creating content that is highly desired with very little competition. If Jaaxy sounds like something you need and if you do any type of Internet Marketing then you need to get Jaaxy. It takes you literally from brainstorming keyword ideas to one step purchases of domains with the keywords you’re desiring to capture sales in.

Future Success

I recommend everyone to get it. The only one to blame for not finding the right keywords is you if you don’t have the right tool for the job. I hope this has helped you with knowing some important points you need to look at when searching for keywords for your articles and websites.

You can purchase Jaaxy HERE and let me know how it works for you and how it improves your keyword search results.

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