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How to Make Money Online for Free

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Grab Your Share of the Money

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I ended up learning about making money online years ago. I wanted to make my share of the money and so it drove me to type many pages of material. I worked on learning about the different ways people were taking advantage of this. Some think it’s not really an income but it is for quite a few people who are taking advantage of it and sharing what they love.

Many times people are thrust into it because of work and employment situations and I was no different. This is the reason that many are looking to move into it and learning how to make money online for free. It’s what they have available. We really only have two ways of paying for something. We have money we can invest or we have time we can invest.

Free is Relative

I think this is what everyone’s wanting to do. We all want something for as little money as possible. Some think that you have to spend money to get anything worthwhile. I mean it goes along with that old saying that says, “it takes money to make money.” They say it like it’s a law that has to be and can never be altered. But, it’s the people that start out that seem to say that more than the people at the top. I mean if it’s the only truth then it has to be true no matter what we’re talking about.

I mean, I’ve heard family members say it but they’re not successful. I mean, most of my family is either a mechanic or a landscaper mowing lawns. I’m not knocking mowing lawns but it’s not managing a corporation full of executives and a board of directors. Now, go ask Robert Kiyosaki if he believes you have to have money to make money. He will tell you no. If you want to get into that topic you will find he says to use OPM, which means “other people’s money.”

Free for how long?Grab your 2 FREE websites

Now, say you get to a place where you supposedly start and they say it’s free. But you find, it’s only free for a 30 days and they you have to pay $349. What?!? So do you take it? Do you work as hard as you can and then hope you make money before the 30 days? I guess it’s up to you.

But if you are working on the internet and working to build traffic to a site to make an income from affiliate marketing then you more than likely will not have enough traffic that will pay that amount of money on that thirtieth day. I understand where you’re coming from with that. I’ve done the same thing. And it’s because I was chasing that one chance that I would be able to do it even if I secretly knew it wouldn’t happen.

A free site, how about 2?

I had done this quite a few times. I knew that there is an income to be made online and I was chasing it like the elusive ark of the covenant. I was looking for the elusive income that seemed to be just out of my reach. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate. I started it hoping it was different. And it was, but let me tell you what I found.

I signed up with hope that I would be able to finally begin my long and illustrious career of an online marketer. I came up with a niche and finally on my second niche as the one I was really wanting to push. I went through my free lessons that Wealthy Affiliate supplied and ended up creating my site. I used my free time and by the time I was done with the trial I had a fully functioning website.

And now, I know I can take this and build up an income with what I was supplied with. I want to be totally upfront though and say I did the discounted month and will be following up with a membership here because there is nothing like this out there at all.

How do I make money for Free?

How do I make money for free? My site, blogging, mixed with basic practices of affiliate marketing is how I will do it for free. There are affiliate networks like ShareaSale and Commission Junction as well as others that are free to join and you pick whatever matches with your niche. Then you market the crap out of it. That’s all there is to it.

Don’t be afraid of the word “market” though, because it is simply sharing what you know about the thing you love. We naturally do that when we’re not online but now we are doing it online for our readers there. When they look for info on it you are the one that gets to help them.

Free sites + what I love = INCOMEStart your FREE income Today!

Think about it. I find something I love, create a site about it, and then get paid to talk about it all the time. I create a variety of posts that spark peoples interest in the topic I love and just share.

I remember when I was a kid I loved to write. I would create stories about different things and it was a way to escape reality for just a short while. My point is, writing was fun and it can still be fun for people now. When was the last time you had a hard time sharing what you loved with someone? I but you haven’t experienced that? Why? Because you thought about it all the time and wished you could make money doing it.

And that’s it. That is how simple it is for you to make money with something you love. Got more than one thing you love? Fine, eventually you can create another site about something you love. See where I’m going? More passion equals more income.

I look forward to seeing you out there telling us about your passions so don’t wait, start today! Create your shrine to your passions today!

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