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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing: for Beginners

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I am going to introduce you to an aspect of Affiliate marketing that is not often presented as it is here. The main point of this article is how to make money so I’m going to introduce you to how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners. This is an overview of this topic with more to come as I create other articles on this topic. So read on and you will see the difference between short term affiliate marketing and long-term affiliate marketing.

The 2 types of Affiliate MarketingClick here and fulfill Your Dream

When people think of Affiliate Marketing there is only certain ways people have talked about it. When I first got involved I found a definition of the marketer, or publisher, marketing their product and receiving a small commission for it. Most people think of it as a blogger who places their affiliate products on their blog trying to make a sale.

In reality, if you look into affiliate marketing you have 2 types of affiliate marketing. Each of them is worked differently and each is a different type of income. They will pay differently and each will help you financially in a two different ways They are not marketed as being two types of income but rather they are looked at as the same thing but in different ways of doing the same thing.

Short term income versus long term income

However, when you look at the effect they have on your income, they are really two ways of making money with affiliate marketing. They could be classified as short term income versus long term income. Want me to make this a little more clear? Okay, I’ll do just that.

We are all familiar with traditional affiliate marketing so lets’ begin with that. This is where you start a blog, build traffic to your site, and then place affiliate links on your blog to share products they may like. As you build the traffic you will see more and more clicks on your links with people hopefully buying your suggested products. This would equate toCreate your Following more of a long term income.

The other way people use their affiliate links is to use them in conjunction with Pinterest. They will take those links and place them on boards that are topically created to hold like things. You pick product lines, then find things along those lines, and then share those using your your affiliate links. In both ways, you will be following these practices but the difference is how you will be presenting them to your customers.

The thing you must do is ask yourself the following question.

Can you build a following and wait for big money?

So the thing you have to ask yourself is what is your goal when working with Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate way to make money and there are many people making money whether it is a little or a lot being made. The fact is that it is a way to make money whether you understand it or not.

Most of the time people go the blogging way and build up slowly and gain authority with Google so they can utilize the power of the 3.7 billion people on the internet. Every blog post you make takes you closer and closer to your goal and your ability to go full time working from the Internet. When I started out that was where I wanted to be as well.

Which is Better?Choose Your Dream

I think this is probably the question that everyone wants to ask over every other question. Everyone wants to take the best route. Everyone wants to take the easiest and the most profitable path. What’s meant by the best route? I think that’s a hard question though. How can I answer that question for you?

I mean what is the most important thing to you? Do you want the money you can make with Affiliate Marketing? Do you want the free time you can get by working with it? Many of the ways of making money with it will require time invested to eventually yield results. Are you willing to invest that time?

That’s the reason why I say it would be hard to tell you which way is best. There are some things you have to ask yourself to figure out which way will work for you the best.

  • How much time are you willing to invest?
  • Are you willing to develop authority so Google directs traffic to you?
  • Are you wanting to find items that people want and sharing them?
  • Are you willing to learn how to use a new search engine known as PInterest?
  • And lastly, are you willing to adjust your work for the best results?

Some of these things are practices you will do as a long term affiliate marketer and some you will do as a short term affiliate marketer. Some of them you will do no matter which type of marketer you choose.


So now you have expanded your knowledge about affiliate marketing and the fact that there is more than one type of doing it. I myself have chosen to work both types. I run this blog and I’m working on building authority on the subject I’m writing about. On the other hand, I’m also working with Pinterest and placing products there, working on building up an audience who will hopefully be interested in the products I’m sharing.

It always seems that when we start a business we open our doors and the customers wanting our products will come and get them. That’s not true. It’s not true at all. What we do is much more active than that. When we do this correctly we are looking and adjusting as needed to get to our destination. Our working to get to the goal of achieving our financial goals is no different.

We need to get our goals in place, begin taking the steps toward achieving what we want and then adjusting as we move forward.

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3 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing: for Beginners”

  1. Hi,

    Excellent article, I really enjoyed reading it. Building up an affiliate site does take time and effort, as much as 2-3 years. Also gaining a good sized (and active) following on social media takes time too.

    One must always be wary and keep an eye out for becoming too dependent on any single source of traffic including google. An even distribution between SEO, Social and owned (i.e email/push notifications) is important in order to stay safe from algorithm changes.

    That’s even when you go white hat!.

    For long term success (taking 5-10 years and more) a balanced flow of traffic with emphasis on owned is key. 40% owned 30% SEO 30% social is what I am aiming for.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for your informative article. You nicely explained some terms that are useful to newbies like me.
    I have a website that is 6 months old, I have been working on creating content and learning how to actually manage a website. I’ve only just recently started to seriously think about reviewing products and taking an active interest in my social media.
    Good article!

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