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How to Sell Affiliate Products Online

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How to Sell Affiliate Products Online


I know people are interested in learning how to sell affiliate products online and I plan on talking about that in this article. But, I am not going to give you the simple step by step process that’s already on other websites. Instead, I’m going to give you a how-to that will help you stay involved when it seems that things are not going right. I want to help you stay in the game until you achieve your goals that you set.

I don’t go into the specifics of how to set goals either because you can find the best ways to do that elsewhere and instead I want to introduce you to the world you’re entering and help you achieve success no matter how things appear to be going. I hope this fills a place in your determination to succeed as an affililate marketer. Let me introduce the types of affiliate products first.

The Two Types of Affiliate Products

Affiliate products are very popular today both for the marketers as well as the companies that use them. They are popular for one very important reason: they work. They make money for both the marketer as well as the company and it’s for that reason that many want to find out how to take advantage of such a good opportunity. Many don’t think about there being multiple types of affiliate programs you can be involved with, though, so I’m going to let you know your options and how to take advantage of one type.

When you look into affiliate marketing you will find you have two type of products. There are physical and digital products and I suppose there may be a product that is a combination of both. Physical products would be involve working with companies like Walmart, Target and Amazon. The products would be placed on a site, there would be traffic directed to it, and then you would match the products to the buyer in the hope of making a sale. The nice thing is that there is not really a need for a store on your site since the actual purchase is handled on the site where the product is purchased. After the product is purchased, you are sent your affiliate commission.

There is another type of affiliate product, though, and it’s a digital product. Digital products are much nicer because they most often do not have to be sent via mail and receiving it is often immediate. This is a really nice feature of digital products and gets you paid quicker and actual digital products pay more quite often. We are going to focus on digital products in the form of memberships here and I will be talking about how to market them.

What People look for in Digital Affiliate Products

I have considered and pondered what type of product I wanted to work with and it is not physical products most often. I wanted to focus on getting people involved in becoming affiliate marketers, training, and coaching them rather than products. You can think it’s lazy, but I thought it might be easier for me with my type of personality and what my passions are which are to help people make the changes they’ve always wanted to make in their life and then help them succeed at them.

When you look at selling digital products you have to do some things a little different than with products. Each requires finding a niche but in products you have to maintain a page with multiple products whereas with getting people involved in affiliate marketing you have more of a page just selling you or your services. People enter online income opportunities because they hope it will get them out of doing things like working 60 hours a week. For me, I wanted my “income” to work for me even when I was sleeping, and not just when I was awake.

Tools Needed for Selling Affiliate Products Online

It’s amusing thinking about tools needed for affiliate marketing because people look at some very specific examples but there are some, and some are more important than others. I’m going to share them with you but there are some that are more important than other ones. There is one that is so important that if you don’t have it, your business may not make it. It is the one thing that is definately needed when learning how to sell affiliate products online. That tool is goals. Goals, and keeping your eyes on them at all times, is what will get you through when all the rest say you have to quit.

Much of affiliate marketing is done online so there are some other things you needed to succeed. You will need a website where you can drive all your business prospects. All of your work to get them interested via words in ads, posts, and interactions culminate in them clicking on your link and then clicking the buy button.

When you set your goals and place your product in the proper place in the proper mindset of your customer, you will get sales. You will have all the tools you need for success. You will have site, product, mindset, and goals. Keep in mind, though, that persistence is your greatest friend. You must keep the image of what you are working to achieve in your mind at all times. Accept that as your only reality ignoring what your eyes are seeing. The reality is what you have set for goals and what you are focusing on at all times.

Best Practices for Affiliate Marketers

There are some activities that would be considered essential when pursuing affiliate marketing but there are also some that people may not consider. Some practices will help keep you involved, though, so you can keep things moving forward when it seems they may not be working for you. The most basic, best practices, are the ones that will keep your marketing career moving forward at all times. We need to always be producing material. There needs to be new material to be consumed that will lead our customer to us and our product.

We need to be constantly working on our mental state as well which is what is provided by a community support system. Talking with people who are or who have gone through what we’ve gone through helps immensely. When it seems like we’ve been pumping out articles, blog posts and everything else but don’t see any income yet is when we need to talk with others to get encouragement. We need to keep moving forward with more material all properly published so that Google will see our site as an authority.

I have found in getting all the info I can from people who’ve done this before that we need to have upwards of about a hundred articles on our site before we have the potential for a good amount of money to be rolling in. That’s good though because as we build site after site, we can then market ourselves as coaches in the field. There’s a reason why many high level people in this field and similar fields are moving into coaching. Coaching is where the real money is at.

Putting it All Together

Learning how to sell affiliate products online can be a lucrative venture with a determined mind, patience, and determination to succeed followed by correct practices. Correct practices are continually building up your internet real estate where you keep your affiliate products so that it builds value. Value in this case refers to content that increases in value as people see it as authoritative. The more authoritative a page is on the internet the more it’s worth.

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