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Increasing Customer Loyalty: 3 Necessities of Success

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How do you get your customers to interact with you more? What do you do to make them want to leave comments and communicate with you? It’s simple, you make them like you.You become their friend and meet a need they have been looking to have met. That is what I’m going to talk about today. I’m going to talk to you today about increasing customer loyalty.

Customer interaction and loyalty is the lifeblood of our website and our businesses. If we can’t get people to our site and get them involved, then we have no business and we make no money. It also means we are failing at what we are supposed to be doing. Our most important thing, even online, is our customer service.

Steps for Customer ServiceCustomer Service is the Key

I think there is one thing that people don’t think about when they think of Affiliate Marketing and that is customer service. But everything we do here is dealing with customers which are the readers, and hopefully purchasers, at our website. We deal with them on a regular basis and all of our conversions are based on our relationship with them.

Think about how you interact with them. Think about how they interact with you. Do you realize that there is a complex set of interactions that is taking place as they read your article. There is a number of equations that are going through their head. Yes, equations because they have something they are looking for and they are seeing if you equate with that thing they have in their mind.

You see, there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure you fill that gap they are trying to fill. They have a need and they have seen something that they think will fill what they are needing. What are the 3 things you can do to make sure you fit this need more perfectly? You can make sure they trust you. You can make sure they understand you and  you can make sure they like you.

Do they Trust You?

Here is the first thing you can do to make sure you are the one they are looking for to meet that need. They have to trust you. What does that mean? I googled the definition of trust and it gave me a very interesting definition that said something like: “a firm belief in the reliability, truth or strength of someone or something.”

Think about what you’re writing about? Can you apply that definition to what you’re writing about and trying to “sell?” Does your copy come across like you’re a slimy, sleazy salesman? All the time we’re told to be honest and forthcoming about our product and not come across as someone that can’t be trusted. Do you apply this label to everything you write about in your marketing? If not before, what about after reading what I just wrote? Does what I wrote help to change how you look at what you wrote?

Do they Understand You?Make sure they Understand You

This is a big one. In my time in learning copywriting, I have found webpages that were so complicated that it was almost impossible to read. Some people say that it’s alright to do that if you’re writing for topics like the tech industry but that’s not true. I started going through blogs and checked the reading level and the compared that with how much interaction each blog received.

It was then that I learned that some of the biggest advertising agencies figured out. They figured out what I did, and that was that the easier and the more enjoyable the reading, the more they were able to be involved. And thus, the more interaction they did.

Do they Like You?

Why is that last one about understanding matter? Believe it or not, it’s because they can communicate with you. Have you heard of rapport? It’s said that the more rapport you have with someone, the more they like you. What does that mean? It means that the like you because they see you as being like them.

Think of the last time you had to deal with a salesman and how the interaction went. The salesman tested the waters to see what type of person you were and how you should be interacted with. Then, they modify their behavior to be more like you to get you to trust them. They will even do something like mirroring to make themselves to seem like you. The natural response is for you to trust them. That’s just how it works.

So are you getting what I’m saying here? We interact with words. We use words to acheive these goals and it’s the only way we can do what we need to do as marketers. We provide our services and they repay us by clicking on our links. It’s a give and give relationship.


Now the balls in our court. What do we do? It’s our job to give on our side so they give on theirs. That’s all we worry about. Give them what they are looking for. Don’t let them leave and say that was just some info that was put out there to act like a sleazy salesman and get a sale.

So, let’s just think about what would happen if we got a sale using tactics that do not build on what I talked about above? What would happen? Sure you would have your one time sale. But people analyze how they felt about what they just did and spending their money. How will you be thought of in that post sale analysis? Will they want to come back to you? Will you have future involvement and will they share your site info? My guess is they won’t.

Think of who’s the loser then. Is it them because you hard sold them into making a purchase from your site? Actually, you are the one who is the loser because you lost a future customer who could have been one that shared your site with ten other people.

So I would say let’s be likable, understandable, and trustworthy in our info we share with our readers.

8 thoughts on “Increasing Customer Loyalty: 3 Necessities of Success”

  1. I love and agree with each point you make with this article. I believe many of us, because we don’t physically see the customer, believe customer service to be irrelevant, but it’s always relevant. In addition to affiliate marketing, I’m writing a book series and something I’ve learned when writing novels is that each chapter, page, paragraph, sentence, and word must hold its weight. If not, the customer (my reader) will find another author and another book series. It’s very important that we communicate in a way our customer understands and enjoys while delivering the service they’re looking for.

    • Thanks Todd for leaving me a message and taking the time to read my article. I appreciate it and wish you all the best in your writing career. I also am an author and have written a total of 4 kindle books at this point.

  2. Great article. The more “real” you are in your writing, the more people will believe you. The fancy lingo and titles automatically makes people think “oh, advertising” or become suspicious of a catch somewhere. If you seem more like a real person who can communicate with other real people, you automatically have more trust from customers. Everyone is looking for real info, not hype or fancy extrapolations.

    • Thanks Stephanie, you hit the nail on the head when you said they want “real.” Our readers don’t care about fake, they get that all the time. Let’s give them real help and give them what they came there for. Thanks for taking the time to read the post.

  3. We are exposed to so much sales copy and gimmicky imagery these days that we have become desensitised to it. So it probably feels refreshing when a real voice apparently breaks through the morass. However, this can also be employed as a sales strategy.

    Therefore it’s good to see that you are taking steps towards engaging with your customers and creating a rapport with them. This is genuine and shows that you are out to solve their problem. Business should always be about helping the other person.

    Thanks for this article, Larry.

  4. Larry,
    Giving your readers information they are looking for and making it readable separates the people that make money online from those who get a lot of traffic and make no money.
    Each person will develop their own style of writing. If you can get your information across without sounding too techie or boring, you have a better shot at attracting repeat visitors.
    Do you think writing like you are talking to someone face to face will give you more credibility with your visitors.

    • I think you asked a question in the last part of your comment but yes, I do believe it gives you more credibility. If you are trying to write like you are in school or universities, you are using a different type of writing than you are when you are writing sales copy or something of that sort. But generally, if you are writing sales copy, you want to write like you are having a conversation. It’s called finding your “voice” when writing sales material. Thanks for leaving a comment and taking the time to read it.

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