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Jaaxy Review – Your Key to Powerful Content

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Jaaxy Review – Your Key to Powerful Content

Jaaxy Review

Name: Jaaxy
Website: https://affiliatemarketingsuccess4u.com/Jaaxy
Price: Free/$49/$99
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Jaaxy, Product Overview
Jaaxy Review
I have used keyword research tools so I had some experience when I first tried jaaxy. I had originnaly tried it as an additional feature of my membership with Wealthy Affilaite. When I logged in and found out what it can do for my research and finding keywords that would be effective and would generate traffic I was very excited. It has a keyword generator, a site tool for knowing when you’re ranked for specific keywords, it has an alphabet keyword generator and much more.


The Good & the Bad
The Good:
PRO #1 Easy to use keyword generator
PRO #2 Each tool easily complements the other tools
PRO #3 Beginner to expert resources

The Bad:
CON #1 Some tools can be complicated for beginners


Who is Jaaxy For?
Jaaxy is versatile and is able to offer a variety of different types of information from keyword searching all the way to how your website ranks in keywords you are wanting to rank for. As an online marketer I can find words that people are looking for and that have very little competition so I can generate an audience for my product and services.

But, that’s not only what it’s good for. But, there are some features in here that you won’t find other places and I’ll go into that in the next session. All in all it’s perfect for any type of online career and for anyone who wants to beat out the competition.


Jaaxy Tools & Training
SEO, keywordsWhen I started using Jaaxy I was hoping it had as much as some keyword software I had used before but it had much more than I was used to. I was able find out who my competition was, what their site was, how many keywords they used on their site and how much keyword density there was even on the site.

There is even a point of data you get here that you used to get with Google but they removed it. It tells you how much competition you would have, direct competition, and that will help you have a much higher chance of ranking on page 1 of Google which is where all of us want to be.

When you use Jaaxy in conjunction with Wealthy Affiliate you have all kinds of training that’s included. This training would range from basic all the way to advanced.


Jaaxy Support
There is some support when it’s used in conjunction with Wealthy Affiliate. Whe in the jaaxy keyboard there is no forum there to interact with. You do have a help section that offers tutorial videos that will help with various features and how to use them. But if you have used research products then you will be able to figure out how to use the program and its various components.


Jaaxy Price
Jaaxy gives you three different options when you sign up. They allow you to sign up for a free membership which places you in the affiliate program and gives you 30 free searches. You also get access to the website analyzer, affiliate program finder, brainstorm feed and many other things.

The next level of membership is the Pro version which is $49 a month. Here it opens up even more with a QSR button which is a feature that allows you to see your direct competition and gives you unlimited searches. It also moves into twice the search threads and alphabet searching as well.

The next pricing level is $99 per month and increases with even more features an internet marketer would desire.


My Final Opinion of Jaaxy
Here are some of the benefits taken directily from Jaaxy’s own site. Every membership contains the column to the left as well.

Free                                      Pro                                                 Enterprise

30 searches                          sortable search results                       Automated QSR

Affiliate Program Finder        Manual Domain Finder                      Unlimited Keyword Lists

Brainstorm Idea Feed           Search Analysis                                 5x Multi-threaded search


Jaaxy at a Glance…
Name: Jaaxy

Website: https://affiliatemarketingsuccess4u.com/Jaaxy
Owners: Unknown
Price: Free/$49/$99
Overall Scam Rank: 00 out of 100


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