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Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics – For Free

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Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics


In order for you to learn affiliate marketing basics, there are some preliminary things that must be set out in order for you to understand exactly what it is. There are parties, relationships, and processes that it goes through in order to complete a transaction. It’s when we complete the transaction that we complete a transaction and make our money. That’s all of our goals, to sit at home, do some blog posts and collect our check.

The Affiliate Marketing RelationshipE-Commerce is here now

The relationship within affiliate marketing is super important so you know where you fit in the whole process. Within the field you have 3 parts, or 3 people. Some say there are 4 but I’m going to go with the 3 just for simplicity’s sake. The 4th is there when you divide things up differently.

The first person, working from our perspective out, is that of the affiliate marketer. An affiliate marketer can be an individual or a company and either work the same basically. I will explain how each works as a complete whole as we move along in the article.

The second part of the equation is the merchant. This can be the merchant or the creator, retailer or the brand. Different aspects of this can be handled different depending on how you set up the way your affiliate marketing relationship. The merchant can be creator company or an individual. It can range from hard products to memberships or what is known as knowledge commerce.

The last part, and the part that completes the circuit is the consumer. It works like an electrical circuit almost. You do not have the flow of electricity until there is a complete circuit.

How does it work?Income is what we want

This process works just like any retail process works. It’s almost like a POS system or point of sale like you find in any department store. The store purchases goods which they purchased to place on their shelves where customers want to buy them. The customer sees the product and realizes they have been looking for it and they grab it and take it to the cashier to buy it.

At this point we have only met two of the 3 parts of the affiliate marketing relationship. Here we have the merchant having a product that is placed where the customer will come because of advertising done by marketing. Marketing is what is done by someone like an affiliate marketer.

Now the customer will take the product they have been looking for up to cash register and purchase it. This will be the completion of the same process I’ve been talking about with affiliate marketing.

How much money can I make?We want more income

This is an interesting question since I’m not sure if there is really a concrete answer. I mean, I could tell you about getting a master’s degree in business and even though you have that high level degree, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get hired or get a good job. I know people personally that have master’s degrees and they are working at McDonalds. Obviously there’s no guarantee for anything at this point in our history.

I will say, though, in this field you have left exchanging dollars for hours. Here you have the potential to increase your income exponentially. You have to put in your work and you have to be patient and be persistent. After that’s done, then you can push yourself past those that aren’t willing to work. It has been said that those that are successful are those that were willing to do what the unsuccessful are not willing to do.

I agree with that too.

How do I get Started?

Getting started is not really that difficult. There are just a few simple steps to do and you will be on your way to being a real affiliate marketer. After you learn affiliate marketing basics, you can then begin to apply your knowledge in many areas. There are no limits to what you can do with it and how you can apply your skills to making money. You will even be able to create new ways of making money.

There is only one thing that stands between you and making the money you want to make in the way you want to make it. One of the biggest obstacles you will even encounter and one which will have to deal with for the rest of your life. That obstacle is you. Once you overcome that obstacle you are home free. The easy part of it is finding a place where you can begin risk free. All you have to do to find that is to click here.


Beginning your career in affiliate marketing is only a simple step away and it costs you nothing. There is so much potential in you and people are waiting for you and your ideas of how you will change your life and theirs. Your potential is there for you to grab and change everything.



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  1. That’s a good simple review on affiliate marketing. When I created my first website I didn’t know what affiliate marketing is all about. I wish I had came across this post.
    Well done

    • It’s very nice when we can do a brief post that helps others as well as ourselves so we can solidify what it is we do. It helps in explaining it to others. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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