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Long Tail Keyword Search – Your Key To Success

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Long Tail Keyword Search


Learn the importance of keywords and how you can use them to increase your chances of being on the first page of Google. This is the place where all of us want to be so we can speak to the people we want to speak to. There are some things you must do to accomplish that, though, and I give you some tips here.

Let’s define what a keyword is first so we’re on the same page.

What is a keyword?

Keywords, we hear all about it in the field of affiliate marketing, SEO, and anything where we are trying to attract customers or readers of our blogs. Why is that? What does it have to with customers, optimizing our websites and selling products through affiliate marketing or any kind of marketing?

Well, to put it simply, it has everything to do with all of them.

Let’s start by explaining what a keyword is and why it’s so important. If you have any intention of working online, you must understand this topic so you will be able to get customers to your site and your products. It is not truly as hard to understand as many seem to think it is. Let’s start out simple.

The most basic definition is that a keyword is a topic people are searching for in Google or whatever search engine they are The Tool for all researchusing. If I am searching for “dog,” then my keyword I’m searching for is “dog.” Understand? So, this keyword is what people are searching for in our example.

Now, if we want to sell products or write blog posts on the subject of “dogs” then we must use this as the key to finding our customers. The keyword can be thought of as the key to the door where the people we are looking for are waiting.

Long Tail vs Short Tail

Now, if we look at the image on the right we see our original topic we searched for. We see the word dog but below it are auto populated words which are technically named “google-instant” and they are suggestions for additional keywords. These are based on what others have searched for during their searches about dog.

This takes further into our definition of what a keyword is. So if we are looking for people that are searching for a dog also, Expanding the Phrase Helpswe may find a lot of people. In fact, it may be too many people to find those that want what you have to offer. There may be so many there that we can’t even see anything but a crowd of people so we can’t talk to our people. So, we narrow down what we are looking for by going from a single search term, like “dog” to “dog training.”

This is how we narrow down our results so we can get our product to the people who want it and not just a room full of dog lovers with undisciplined dogs. We need to narrow it down so we can find the people who will take our products and run with them.

Why does it Make a Difference?

So why is this so important? What does it matter if it’s just a dog or dog trainer? It means that we have less competition we have to worry about in Google. Most of the time if you look for something on Google you will find that there are billions of results that are returned for you. We desire to be on the front page of google and we can only do that if we narrow down the other people who are searching for the same things we are and trying to sell them.

We always want to think of things from our customers perspective. Everything we do is for them. This includes making sure if they are only wanting “dog training” that they don’t have to wade through the extra stuff in the search term “dog.” Most readers on the Internet are not going to want to trek through page after page of results looking for your product.

Narrowing down the Competition

Here’s what I did. I took our original search term and I added search parameters. I originally got “dog and then I saw “dog training” and I typed that in followed by a space and then the letter, “F.” Now I have narrowed down the competition and created a hopefully more manageable keyword that has less competition.

Let’s see how this changes our competitors influence on our customers. When I look how many searches are done with “dog” I get 682,739 average searches with 187 websites with that search parameter. Now, let’s look at dog training and see what that one does. That takes us down to 13,083 searches with only 238 competing sites. Now, there are a lot of sites with that long-tailed keyword so we can narrow it down.

I needed to be more specialized with a longer tail keyword so I expanded it out with the use of a tool called Alphabet Soup. It gives additional suggestions for expanding keyword terms with each letter of the alphabet. I came up with “dog training for aggressive dogs and my results were 125 average searches and only 86 competing sites. This will definitely increase my chances of getting on the first page of Google. This is one I would run with.


Creating specialized content that is fine-tuned to what people are looking for helps us do our jobs. If we just say we are going to pick a keyword such as “dog” we have a lot of competition just to get to the place where people may read our article or see our product. We need to narrow it down by defining exactly what it is we are trying to market.

Define your audience so you know you are narrow enough down to actually reach them. If your desire is to make money then you have to find them, talk to them, and get them what they are looking for. I look forward to seeing what you are able to do with the right targeted keywords.





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  1. Great training sample on how to research key words and how to drilled down in order to find the best least competitive niche.Great article keep up the good work

    • Thanks for the comment. I try to look at the simple things we can change that can make the biggest effect on what we’re trying to do. What do you think is some of the things people have in finding those really targeted keywords?

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