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3 Effective Tips for Making Money with Writing

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Introduction to 3 Effective tips for Making Money with WritingLive the Writer's Life

I have watched so many movies and thought about the dream of living like a fictional writer that writes for a few hours a day, works when I want, and spends most of my day on the beach with a drink. Well, that’s what we are going to talk about today. We’re going to talk about that and separate fact from fiction while I introduce you to a writer’s life you may never have heard of but which can bring in much more money.

Writing for cash – the dream life

I think it’s been touted as the epitome of being the dream life. What am I talking about? I’m talking about living the writer’s life and making money with writing. I’m pretty sure it was when I was in school and growing up. I’m not so sure about now with our millennials with their ideas and stuff. Especially when you look at the fact that they aren’t even taught to read or write in cursive. It makes me sometimes wonder if the beauty of language is gone and the dream of using words to create wondrous worlds in far away places is history.

But, my friend, it’s not dead. The writer’s life is still there for all of us to grab onto. That’s what I’m going to talk to you about today. I want to talk to you about money and words. Here are some examples of how much money people charge for various writing projects.

  • Blog post – $150 – $800
  • FAQ’s – $500 – $800
  • Microsite – $3,000 – $7,000
  • e=Book – $2,000 – $7,000

I already know what some of you are saying. You’re saying but I can get a post done online for like $20 or I can get my site set up for free. Well, that’s true that you can do that. But, how much is it worth? You may have created it but how much money are you bringing in compared to how much you could be bringing in if you had a professional write it?

Do you know why these prices are charged? There are some variables that can be figured in but there is one reason that stands out among other things. Let me give you a quick quiz.

Which author do you know quickest?

J.D. Robb or Denise Little

You probably knew J.D. Robb quicker.


She has pasted together words that have resonated with people and thus they have more value. ( I know that some authors have been writing longer which can be a variable as well.)

But people don’t think they can go into writing because of that right there. But the truth is, you don’t have to be a best-selling writer to make thousands of dollars making money writing.

Tip 1: Learn the power of Words and their powerStart Your Writing Career today

Did you know there are other ways of writing that allow you to make loads of money? One of them is called direct sales and it spills over into similar activities like blogging, website sales material and other things. In fact, there was a sales letter that was written and ran between 1976 and 1988 that brought in, according to estimates, around $280 billion dollars. So let me ask you, do you think they paid that writer a couple hundred bucks or do you think they made a boatload of money? I guarantee you the answer is a big fat, “they made bank.”

Here’s a wild story of someone making money writing. Joe Vitale was trained in hypnosis. This is about how he, according to his own words, used his web based sales letter to put his reader into a buying trance and made $25k in 24 hours.

Here’s a more down-to-life one that’s easier for us mortals to hear and potentially do as well. Professional Leu Euler wrote a long piece, called a bookalog, and on top of getting the fees I talked about above, received royalties on it. Let’s see how that worked out for him. The book mailed 10 million copies and he received $0.04 per copy. That comes out to like $400,000 for that one product. I guess it’s true. The sky is the limit.

Tip 2: Choose your Words carefully

So how do I know what words to use to make me that kind of money? This is what everyone wants to know so they can bring in their big money. So we have words we want to use which would be keywords that are being searched for and have little competition so we can get in the front of the line in Google. Well, that in itself is a science that can be tackled by reading this post here.

Now we are getting into the secret behind this whole thing. What happens if we have a phrase that everyone wants, like, “I have a fat dog.” So, if I use that word correctly everyone will stop by my site and love it and share all the pics and stories of my fat dog.

What happens now though if I write, “fat a I have dog?” How will that go over for people wanting to read about it? Will it be as popular? Obviously not because people would have a hard time reading it. But what happens if I found out people don’t like the word “fat” and they prefer the word “pleasantly plump?” I would have found I never used, “pleasantly plump,” missed out on potential sales, not to mention, potential traffic and shares from social media.

So the key so far is you have to the right words, written in the correct order that will cause people to respond in the way we want them to respond. This is the key to creating online material and making the most money possible. But, this is the part that can be difficult unless you know this combination and what people want.

Tip 3: Find what they people want to hear

So how do we know what people want? Is there a way to know and take advantage of this and get the information they want, rather, than what we think they want? I’m glad you asked, because, yes there is. Let’s start by introducing you to words that are popular and are actively being searched for.Google research suggestions

If you go to Google and type in a word, something like, “writer” you will get that word with suggestions of how you can narrow that down. Narrowing it down decreases the amount of sites that pop up. Google tries to suggest things that will help you in finding words that may fit what you are trying to search for as well as what people are actively searching for.

Now, Google used to give you a number that would tell you how much competition there was for what you were searching for. It told you how many times it was searched for, how popular it is and then you could figure out how much competition you were likely to encounter. The problem is that those figures are now gone.

Therefore, you have to find that information some place else and I know the perfect place that I’ve found that gives me information and increases my chances for appearing on the first page of Google. That program is called Jaaxy and you can find out more about it here.

My Jaaxy Review – Your key to powerful content Powerful content with Jaaxy

It also gives you a tutorial on using the product. But let’s show you what it looks like here as well. Here I have looked for the words “writing prompts.” If you use those words you will find that you will have 158 other sites with the directly same wording and you would be competing against all of them.

However, if you look at the words, “expository writing prompts” you will find that you only have 48 others with those words. Notice the number 72 over the first phrase we looked up and a 94 over the second one at the bottom of the screen? All you have to do is to look at that number and it tells you from 1 to 100 if you have a good chance of writing a quality piece and ending up on page 1 of Google. So which one will more than likely end up on page 1? You’re right, the one where you narrowed down what you were looking for, the phrase, “expository writing prompts.”


We work with words. It’s what we work with and it’s what we sell. We can’t upload something and sell it without words that sell it. Words, put together in the right way, sell whatever we are trying to share with others. What makes someone excited about something you are experiencing? It’s the words you use and the emotion attached to those words.

So there are three things we can take from what we said above:

  1. We need to know our customers and by extension what interests them. Basically what they want.
  2. We need to do research to find the words that refer to those interests.
  3. We need to know how to use those words to decrease competition so our readers can find us.

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