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Online Income: How to use your Copywriting skills to make

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Online Income: How to use your Copywriting skills to make Loads of Money with an SMS Campaign

Do you know what SMS is, or it’s better known name Text Messaging?

Copywriting Income
Copywriting Skills to make Money


Do you want to be able to predict how every customer will react to the words you use?



Do you want to know how to apply your copywriting skills to create a money-making campaign?



If so, “Online Income: How to use your Copywriting skills to make Loads of Money with an SMS Campaign” by Larry O’Connor is THE book for you!

It covers all that you need to master using your copywriting skills to create a money-making campaign that includes SMS campaigns that are new campaigns being promoted

This skill is important to you if you are in a skill where you need to know how the brain will process what is written by both the sender and receiver

This topic is important to anyone who wants a complete coverage of marketing and how the brain processes both natural language as opposed to text language. The differences are fascinating and informative as well as efficient, especially,  when you can apply these little-known tidbits of knowledge


SMS marketing is an up-and-coming marketing technique that hasn’t been used to its full extent yet. In fact, in all kinds of marketing of mobile marketing, you will find that SMS campaigns outperform all other types.




What Separates This Book From The Rest?

This is where you will find how to set up an SMS campaign, but you will find the difference between our natural language and SMS language. And, you will not find it anywhere else, you will find how the average person reacts to natural language versus SMS.


You Will Learn The Following:



  • What comprises natural language
  • What SMS is and how it affects your reader
  • How they differ from each other
  • Easy way to know how both types will affect your campaign
  • 3 parts of every campaign
  • 1 thing to keep in mind with every campaign
  • Knowledge of differences in language types
  • How does age affect the campaign
  • How the brain processes SMS messages
  • And much more!

So don’t delay any longer. Take this opportunity and invest in this guide now.


You will be amazed by finding out how the mind of your customer will react to your campaign.

Download This book Now!




22 thoughts on “Online Income: How to use your Copywriting skills to make”

  1. Great post and good info.

    I already heard about email marketing, but never knew SMS marketing is also à big business, and you can grow very fast with that. 

    I have my online business for a while now, but never tried it. 

    Im going to buy that book and see which kind of insights it can teach me. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this! 

    • Thanks Emmanuel for stopping by and reading the post and leaving a comment. The book talks about how different types of communications are processed differently as well as how different types of marketing campaigns have different responses and timing. I hope it serves you well when you get it.

  2. Hello Larry, 

    Thanks for this update, nicely written piece. I think this book is a must have because I’ll like to know more about this copywriting sms system. I’m a skeptical though because I really don’t know how I can make a sale off an sms and I wonder if it works only in the US. That’s more reason why I should get the book. 

    I’ll be looking to get this book as soon as possible.

    Thanks for writing

    • Thanks Louis or leaving a comment and taking the time to read the post. I hope it will help you in your campaigns, no matter which they are, as the book goes into how various types of communication are processed differently. The book shows you how there are various ways people communicate and how the reader will respond based on what type of method you are communicating with.

  3. I don’t know about copywriting, let alone copywriting for sms campaign. I think if one could have a look at this book, it will go a long way in enlightening the readers about how money can be made from copywriting for sms campaign. Can you briefly explain what copywriting entails, because I’m interested in it?

    • Copywriting is an effectively written body of writing that is carefully written to get the response that it is designed for and to generate the most conversions as possible. If conversions are your goal, there are various goals that can be sought in creating a body of text.

  4. Thanks for this, I heard about SMS marketing and I have been wanting to know more but couldn’t get more from the Internet to my satisfaction. This post actually emphasises on the usage and where to get them which is rare. I really wish there was a tutorial video made for the marketing strategy for better understanding even if its going to cost more, video tutorials are way better in this generation than any other method. 

    • Thanks for reading the post and leaving a comment. I will be making some videos in the future on showing how to do an SMS campaign and/or to offer more detailed tips on it. Keep checking back and I will have more on the topic as well as my Youtube channel that I am in the process of starting.

  5. Interesting method that I haven’t heard of previously – I have to admit that I have received extremely annoying SMS messages on my mobile that are obviously written by people with no training, they could certainly do with reading and understanding the psychology here!

    I will keep this in mind for the future as yet another way to market, hopefully the right way….

    • Thanks for reading the review and leaving a comment. With a properly set up campaign and some copywriting skills it could be utilized effectively. I, too, have seen some really badly worded marketing and it just irritates me to read it and think they are supposed to be professionals.

  6. Thanks for this…. it is well appreciated

    i have wanted to learn about copywriting long time ago but i haven’t gotten the resources i need to engage in it but i believe with this ebook am about to download. i will surely gain alot from the material.

    Thanks so much for sharing this article with us. it is well appreciated

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your success with using the book and doing your first SMS campaign. I will also forward a link for a place for you to learn copywriting and making the most use of it.

  7. Something new for me. The SMS campaign seems to be a new era for all online enterpreneurs. It might be a very effective method that helps you drive real leads, especially for newbies… Moreover, with a proper guide on how to set up an SMS campaign, it should very easy to achieve success. I would definitely have a look at this product 

    Thank you for such useful information and sharing your post!

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading the review and leaving a comment. I look forward to hearing your success with the book and your first SMS campaign.

  8. Thank you so much for this post, I want to ask if you have really tested the SMS campaign strategy? If yes, did it work well for you ?I enrolled for some copywriting online classes sometimes last .month but the trainings seems complicated and I didn’t get it too well, Do you know any better platform that i can learn copywriting? 

    • Thank you Clement. I have not used SMS in any of my campaigns at present as it didn’t really fit them. I do have some ideas for you for learning copywriting and I will get you that link.

  9. Thanks Larry for this articulate write-up. SMS Campaign is still in it’s infancy stage as you’ve said. Most marketers are yet to realise that the easiest way to get across their message is via SMS Campaign. I’ve been using SMS campaign for some time now, but have no idea what the difference is btw SMS and Natural Language. 

    This book is the exact book I needed to perfect my use of language as a copywriter for SMS campaigns. I will check out the book and give my feedback after use.

    I’m glad I come across this article. :):)

    • Thanks for taking the time to read the review and to leave a comment. I am excited to see how it helps in regards to the use of language in an SMS campaign and in any other as well. I appreciate you leaving a review online about it as well.

  10. Hi, very interesting article of a book about online income. Using copywriting skills to make money with SMS campaign seems great idea, I can admit till now I didn`t hear much about it. SMS marketing is something new but I think it has a potential to become popular. In this book there are so many things to learn about it and I`m sure this will be helpful for anyone who wants to try such way of marketing. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thanks Luke for taking the time to read the review. SMS marketing is becoming a popular way to market as one of the statistics you will find in the book is the first thing people do in the morning is to check their smart phones. They are never disconnected.

    • Thanks Gary, I appreciate it. If you would, do me a favor and leave me a review on Amazon when you get done. I’d surely appreciate it and I can get ideas of what to improve when I create my 2nd edition.

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