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SiteRubix Review

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I wasn’t sure as I clicked on the link. I hoped it would finally be what I had been looking for. All I know was I’m about done trying to find what I need. Think of there being a huge pot of money and knowing it was there, seeing others grab it, and you not being able to get any of it. That was me!

I wanted to find a free website where I would be able to try out the water, if for no other reason, to see if it works for me. I wanted to start a business without dishing out hundreds and definitely not shelling out thousands as I had seen. It was already stressful enough to think about beginning something new and to have to give out so much money especially after having tried so many things and not succeeding.

I just wanted a small place to call my own and learn the ropes of working via the Internet.

Who is this for? Siterubix is for anyone that’s wants to build their own website. Are you new to building websites? Siterubix is for you. Are you experienced and want a responsive website that you can change and personalize as you want? Siterubix is for you.

Does that mean it’s for everyone? It really isn’t. It is created for the person who wants to create an interactive business where they can share their passions with their reader. The host has a passion and the reader is searching for something he is wanting that he believes the website host will be able to provide.

Who is this not for? This is not for you if you just want to start a site and leave it to just float out their in limbo. It’s not meant to just be an electronic business card that you keep online and can put on your business card. I mean don’t get me wrong, you can do that with siterubix but there are other places you can go. Here there is so much more you can do and take advantage of and truly build your own online empire.

Within 15 minutes of beginning the setup of one of my 2 free websites, I received a message from the owner of the site, and a message from the person’s link I clicked on and signed up through. I was truly impressed with the owner and thought it was just an automated message and it may have been, but, when I followed it up with a question, it was answered within 15 minutes. And it was like 1:30 in the morning.

Share Your Passion

It was after I was welcomed and offered help within the first 30 minutes, that I knew this would be different and I would be Your Doorway to WAable to accomplish my goals here to do what I have wanted to do. Then, even though my site took me like 30 seconds to set up and go live, I found 10 full lessons on changing it to my style and modifying it to create the best online presence I could muster.

I realized how this could change how this could change my view of working online. I realized how I say certain things only as super technical, including myself, could translate into my success as an internet entrepreneur, not as a hindrance. There is lots of information about websites such as numbers and statistics that are handed out you realize this is the best choice.

Well, forget them. They are not the only things you need to know if you will be able to succeed using this system. Instead, let me introduce you to the things that WILL help you succeed in the background.

Here’s some things.

I remember my first foray into seeing what was available for me to do and I remember how I felt as I glanced through it. Shortcut to SitesIt seemed that there was so much to do with the product that I was a little overwhelmed. Until I looked through each lesson. Here’s the thing, the training steps they give you are baby steps.

The idea is to help you build, grow, and earn at the same time. I knew a little about working with a wordpress site but I wasn’t comfortable with all the things they showed me here. If you are a beginner there are little tiny steps you take with each of the 10 lessons. Just take a look at the screenshot which shows how each step in the lessons is very basic.

In fact, with each lesson, you have the steps in video format, written, as well as a discussion area right below your lesson. Take that with the general community and question request and you are pretty much guaranteed success.

See, it actually has the lessons on the right-hand side with even an arrow pointing right to where you will click to complete WA Steps for Successthe lesson. Each of them even encourages you to interact with the community to not only understand what you’re doing but to understand why you’re doing it. How will it affect what you do later? But, it does this in a non-overwhelming way. Baby steps lead to huge changes and larger income if that’s what you are wanting to do.

It is designed for beginners through advanced and gives you full control if you are comfortable with it. You can modify your posts, change things as you work with them, change colors in your theme and change and insert images. It gives you full control over anything you want to change so you can literally create your own online environment that matches who you are. Control what you Want

What was different?

Like I said, when I started I was overwhelmed until I saw how they give you training step by step. I look at this now even after having only been involved for a short while and I am much more comfortable making changes.

Creation through Community – What do I mean by this? I mean exactly what I encountered within my first hour of having signed up. I was able to do what I know how to do and if I didn’t know something, I had professionals of varying degrees who were more than willing to help me.

Responsive websites – One of the biggest things I found that I didn’t even know was going to help me was the mobile friendly nature of the sites. You didn’t have to pay extra for this. It was included and I have seen how many people use their phones to browse the web. But, I didn’t know that there are specific things that need to be done to prepare them for customers using their phones or tablets.

What does all of this mean? What does it equal? It simply equals success for whatever you want to do for your online business! It’s that simple!

What do People think about Site Rubix?

This site encompasses all the traditional WordPress platform features but with training provided if you want them. The lessons and community interaction help you use it the most efficient way possible and help you create what you want it to be. Site Rubix is recognized as providing a quality site in seconds with training on how to mold it and give it the features and processes you want it to have.

There are other free sites out there such as Wix and Weebly but when you look at what you are provided with Site Rubix far outweighs them in features and functionality. With Site Rubix you get two free websites minimum with full functionality with up to thousands of themes available. This allows you find a theme that reflects your needs and look that you want to create with your online presence.

What is my final Conclusion? My final opinion of Site Rubix is that it stands alone on what it offers as far as value for your money and for the training you get for free. You have the option to create 2 sites to for free begin making money online and up to 50 if I become paying member.

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