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You are about to enter a fun, entertaining, and addictive world. You are about to create a wordpress site in 30 seconds or less. I know it sounds impossible but believe me, it is something pretty much anyone can do. No programming language or HTML experience is required but I have to warn you. You may have a hard time making up your mind on what theme you want to use.

Why WordPress?

WordPress runs over 70 million websites. That’s a lot of websites out there and it makes you wonder, why WordPress? What makes it one of the main platforms for people creating their online presence. Why would they not use something else and what keeps them coming back for more to start website after website?

WordPress sites are some of the most user friendly sites that allow you to communicate back and forth with your audience. They were part of what was known as a blogging site. It allowed you to communicate with your readers and for them to comment on what they read This allowed you to begin a conversation with them that made your site more interactive. You can almost call this Internet 2.0 when the sites allowed you to communicate with the author.

What makes WordPress different?Create your Online Presence

WordPress sites are so user friendly and customizable that it makes people love it  It used to be that you had to know HTML and then they came up with sites that were drag-and-drop and known as WYSIWYG, or what you see is what you get. It simply meant that you would be creating a site as you were able to see the changes. You didn’t have to wait uuntil it was compiled or save and file and then open it another way.

One thing that is on most people’s minds is where it will rank within the Google system and if they can get their page high enough up on Google that it will get read. This is called SEO or search engine optimization and it is one of the most important things people look for when working on creating a page online. This is often because they are creating a business site of some sort and need the page to be seen by users.

I think that one part of the enjoyment people have of WordPress sites is the inclusion of the blog part of them. This really emerged in the nineties and has really blossomed since then. I think it’s only increased since then as more and more people are blogging about everything under the sun.

Up and Live in 30 Seconds

Heres’ the really beautiful part though. You can set up a WordPress site with SiteRubix in about 30 seconds. You can pick theme, give it a name, and be ready to make pages and posts in that amount of time. I’ve used other programs where it takes much longer and some that takes less time to set it up, but 30 seconds is pretty good for being online. But, here you can do it.

Creating a WordPress site in 30 seconds

One of the pretty much normal evolution of the communicative aspect of the website was that it created a community. This now has evolved into a community that helps in the creation of a site where you can share your passion. This is definitely a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community who love to help others do what they want.

Dress It Up

After the initial set up of your site now you can customize it. Here is where you add the colors, backgrounds, pages, and the placeholder where you will create your content. Content can be anything from posts, videos, galleries, and is pretty much only limited by your imagination. That’s what makes it so amazing.

I have seen WordPress sites that have galleries, poems, book advertisements, and pretty much anything else. Like I said, it’s only limited by you and your imagination. There literally are thousands of themes that can reflect any aspect of your personality. You can make it reflect how you are to the public or the site can reveal a side of yourself you have never told others.

It is like having an online residence that you can create and mold into something that reflects everything about you. You make it the colors you love, with images of places you love to visit, and sounds and music you love to visit.


All in all, WordPress sites remain a favorite website platform because of it’s wonderful ability to create and modify anad even change it periodically based on your mood I would probably not recommend it though if you are trying to build a brand or create a recognizable site when people go online.

They are also fun to mess around with and with the ability to change things both great and small, you can have a lot of fun without the headache of having to know any jargon or programming.