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Wealthy Affiliate Review

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Wealthy Affiliate Review

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I have seen over and over how people are making money from Affilaite Marketing and it has always been confusing to me how people do it? I have gotten websites before and wasn’t able to set them up so that I could actually get traffic there. I realized there was 3.7 billion customers but how do I get them to see me?

I tried one opportunity after another and it seemed that it was just promise me the world and I then I had to pay this extravagant fee just to hope I was going to make it. What a terrible thing to do to a person’s dreams! I was pretty much fed up with all the gimmicks to get me to sign up.

Do You Want to Claim Your Part of this 3.7 billion Customers?

This product is not for you if you are worried about not being able to build an online business! If you do not want a community that is there to help you then you should probably go the other way.

This product is for those that still can remember their dreams and are still willing to chase it.

Wealthy Affiliate addresses these problems head on. Above I talked about the newcomer to Affiliate Marketing approaching the topic with a free website maybe and if your lucky some hosting (although that’s not usually correct), along with a little education to entice you into moving in the higher priced material where you will make your money.

I found as I set my second free website that was going to run into the same problems I had encountered before, I would have to pay to find keywords that would truly help me in ranking my website.

When I would try to find a tool that would allow me to stand out one of the things that kept standing out was how I wasn’t able to access it unless I paid for it. I couldn’t really find anything with the keyword research tools that gave me a free trial and if they did the info wasn’t complete enough to get a full picture of what I needed to do to stand out.


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Jaaxy's Full Features

I fully expected that also when I first looked at Jaaxy. I had gotten the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate and I had access to the whole top half of features available. I had been looking at Google to know what to write but found out that the figure that told you how many people were competing with you for your keyword had been removed. This is the missing part of the data we need to put our post on Google’s first page.

I entered my first keyword to see if I would really be given enough information to be able to be useful in my keyword competing or just creating the blog and hoping it would be able to compete against others trying to get ranked.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised with the results I got. I found out there was a number that would give me the ability to stand out among the rest. The key to succeedIn Jaaxy you have like 5 figures to give you info on each keyword that you look into. But there are a couple of very important ones that must be looked at and one is only found in Jaaxy.

The first column you see is the column labeled Avg and it is referring to the number of searches monthly for the term you’re looking for. It isn’t important but the higher the number the more searches. The important thing is to make sure there are searches for what you’re looking for in a keyword.

The next number that is really important is the column that says QSR. This is a number that used to be shown in Google but has since been removed. This number tells you the number of sites that are direct competition with the exact same search term you are looking for. This number needs to be below 200 but it’s really good if you can get it around 100 or even below.

I personally like to use a QSR number that is below 100 and at the most around 100. If it’s a little above that number it’s okay to an extent because I keep most of them below 100. Then I create a thorough post with good information.

I will show you the difference in how you can use the results from Jaaxy versus only what you get from Google. Like I said above I was looking for the missing components that Google no longer supplied in their search results. Some results they moved over to Google Adwords but direct competition is no longer there.

When I look up the word fitness in Google I get the result of something like 3.5 billion results. That is a number that’s pretty Jaaxy, Full service keyword findermuch useless when you’re trying to find where your post will appear in Google. The results are less than stellar for sure. But if I want to market towards a fitness niche I have to find a way to be found online.

I wanted more information so I went over to Jaaxy and entered the same search term there to see what I am given and to see if there’s more than I can work with. The kinds of info I need are how much it’s searched for, how many competitors there are, and what my chances are to appear on the first page of Google if I create a quality post using my keywords.

Jaaxy meets your research needsSo on the left is the info I got from Jaaxy when I entered our infamous search term, “fitness.” I looked with anticipation at my results and I got some information that was way more useful than what I got from Google.

The searches field under AVG are still super high but we expect that after seeing the results from Google. Our QSR shows us 225 which is high for what you want to see when looking for something to compete for. This is also confirmed when you look at the SEO field where we have the number 65.

So, what does that tell us. Aside from the fact that we know that it’s not specific enough for our purposes we look at QSR and see it’s over 200. There’s a general rule that you want your term to be under 200 but for me I look only for search terms that are at or below 100. This does not qualify for that for sure. Let’s look at the SEO column.

The SEO column says 65. Well, the closer you get to 100 the better and this is not very high. This column gives you the chance based on QSR and the combination of the other columns of how easily it will be to get on first page rankings. Let’sYour Research Needs are Met try adding some words and see what happens.

The new results we get could be worked with. You have monthly searches of 4375 with QSR of 98 and an SEO rating of 88. Most of that fits, in fact all of it fits with what we are wanting in our results. This is what we want to see in our use of Jaaxy and how it can help us beat out the competition.

But what happens if we go even more specific. This is basically creating a more detailed niche to better be able to reach them. I’m going to find tune who I’m marketing to now and see what happens to our results.Your Search is Over Now we go from “fitness for women” to “fitness for women over 50.”

See what happened? We have even better possibilities now for reaching an audience. We have results in the search term column of 210. People are searching for this keyword so that’s good. You just want to look for some results here and normally anything over 100 is good. Then in the QSR column we have 91. Easily under 100 so that’s excellent. Lastly, we have 96 in the SEO section. Very good results.

That gives you and idea of how helpful this tool is. You can pretty much know all you could want and more with the results you get here.

Even when you look at what other people are saying you find this a positive review about Jaaxy and it’s search potential.

Buzznitrous.com says,

Jaaxy is not just a topnotch online keyword tool, it’s the best one in the field.”

Remember, Jaaxy is part of your free membership at Wealthy Affiliate.


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  1. Hi!

    I really enjoyed reading about your first experience using Wealthy Affiliate. It really personalizes your review and doesn’t make me feel pressured to go join.

    I like using Jaaxy for keyword research. When looking for a new keyword to target, I search for ones that have at least a 70 Avg and QSR below a 50. It’s not easy to find low-competition keywords, but when I do, I take full advantage.
    Thanks for this great review!


    • Thank you for taking the time to read the article. That’s some interesting numbers with 70 AVG and QSR of 50. How did you come up with those numbers or was it a random decision that has proven correct since that time?

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